The State of Amazon:
2021 Report

Amazon is never idle, but after a global pandemic, the ecommerce leviathan is experiencing one of its most intense phases yet.

In this illuminating report, Kaspien reviews the most impactful changes from 2020 and early 2021 at Amazon, including turnover in senior leadership,  antitrust investigations, the rise of Amazon brand acquirers, emerging ecommerce rivals, and more. Each topic is analyzed for broader implications that will shape brand strategy in 2021 and beyond.


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What Changes in Amazon's "S-Team" Mean for 2021
Jeff Bezos, Jeff Wilke, and Jeff Blackburn, each of whom have been in the senior leadership team since the '90s, are exiting their roles. Where will Amazon's new leadership take the company? 

Amazon's Competition Grows
2020 opened the door for Amazon competitors to secure a foothold, with Walmart, Target, and Shopify posting double and triple-digit growth. 2021 may present the greatest challenge to Amazon's dominance seen in the last decade.

Amazon Advertising Trends Analysis
The average cost-per-click for Amazon advertising was down 44% year-over-year. How quickly will advertising costs return to pre-COVID levels, and how is Amazon changing their advertising model?

Growing Importance of Dedicated Retention Efforts
Shoppers have more marketplaces, sellers, and products to choose from than ever before, which drives up the cost of acquisition. As a result, retention strategies will become more important for maintaining and growing market share. 


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