How to Use Walmart Fulfillment Services to Grow Your Ecommerce Business

The launch of Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) solidified Walmart’s position as a major power player in the industry. But, how do you, as a seller, take advantage of this gated, opportunity-filled marketplace?

Experts from Kaspien and Walmart come together to a co-host a webinar and answer that question. Together, we cover how you can leverage Walmart Fulfillment Services to grow your brand on one of the world’s fastest-growing online marketplaces.

You’ll Learn

Group 6

Walmart’s positioning in the eCommerce landscape, including Walmart’s history, shopper demographics, and opportunities for brands on Walmart

Group 5

What is Walmart Fulfillment Services and how it works

Group 4

WFS’s key benefits for brands and consumers, including how we’ve seen it benefit Kaspien’s partners

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Walmart Fulfillment Services


Jare‘ Buckley-Cox
Vice President, WFS

Jare‘ champions customer experience and smooth operations for Walmart Fulfillment Services. A results-oriented leader, Jare‘ has a proven track record of driving operational performance and developing online consumer products that drive high engagement with customers.


Laura Cusson
Sr. Account/Program Mgr.

Laura has worked 3 years at Walmart and specializes in the Fashion category, helping onboard leading brands such as Levi’s, Kendall & Kylie, and Land’s End to Walmart.com. She joined WFS in August 2019 to provide account management.



Megan Lauterbach
Retail General Manager

Megan leads Kaspien’s retail division, helping brands of all sizes and categories grow sustainably and securely across leading online marketplaces. Megan draws on over 11 years sales and marketing experience in B&M and ecommerce, with over 6 years focused heavily on Amazon strategy.


Joy Kuykendall
Partner Optimization Mgr.

Joy leads Kaspien’s Account Management Team and has spent the past 2+ years driving the company’s expansion efforts on Walmart.com. Joy’s passion for helping brands obtain their ideal eCommerce presence is fueled by over 6 years of account management and marketplace development experience.

Ned Woodward
Purchase Order Director

Ned helms Kaspien’s Purchase Order Management team, providing brands with logistical support to meet all their marketplace needs in an ever-changing environment. Ned draws on over 8 years of Supply Chain and Logistics experience in B&M and ecommerce, with over 6 years focused heavily on Amazon strategy.