How to Switch from Vendor Central to Seller Central

Amazon Vendor Central has many perks, but the lack of control over one’s brand leads many to make the shift from vendor to seller.

In this webinar, we share a 10-step process for how to switch from Vendor Central to Seller Central.

woman standing at a crossroads

You’ll Learn

Why some vendors decide to become sellers

The biggest differences between Vendor Central and Seller Central

How to successfully switch from Vendor Central to Seller Central

Watch the Webinar

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The Presenters

Jeff Moyle

Partner Sucess Manager,

Over the last 14 years, Jeff has built a career in sales, marketing, and account management for retail and e-commerce. His work has spanned small starts to global corporations. Over the years, Jeff has helped many brands grow their Vendor Central accounts on Amazon, and he has assisted several in transitioning to Seller Central.

John White

Partner Success Manager,

John has helped grow countless brands across multiple product categories on the Amazon marketplace. He began his Amazon journey at a Portland-based agency. At Kaspien, John regularly works with brands in Vendor Central and Seller Central, providing a thorough understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of both platforms.