The State of Amazon:
2022 Predictions

When will the global supply chain be fixed? Which Amazon competitors offer the most future potential? How is Amazon advertising likely to change in 2022? We answer these questions and more in our webinar with Sellzone.

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You’ll Learn

Group 6

Exclusive insights from Kaspien and Sellzone’s wealth of data

Group 5

The most important events and trends for Amazon in 2021

Group 4

How those trends will shape Amazon in 2022

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The Presenters

Kunal Chopra


Kunal has over 15 years of executive experience with industry-leading companies, including Amazon, Microsoft, and Groupon, where he managed P&L, built teams, improved processes, and launched numerous global products and services. As Kaspien’s CEO, Kunal guides the company’s strategic direction as it grows hundreds of brands across today’s leading online marketplaces.

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Robyn Johnson

Marketing Consultant,

Robyn has over a decade of experience selling online on Amazon, eBay, and other e-Commerce venues. She co-founded Marketplace Blueprint, a consulting and coaching business working with start-ups all the way up to companies with 50 million in sales on Amazon annually. Robyn is a regular contributor for Search Engine Journal, a professor for the Semrush Academy, and speaks at some of the most prestigious Amazon and Ecommerce conferences in the US and abroad.