Maximize Amazon Profits By Split Testing Your Listings

Your Amazon listing content is arguably the most important element of your success on Amazon. Striking the perfect balance between keyword-rich copy and compelling content that speaks to consumers takes a lot of trial and error.  

Split testing is the art of A/B testing different listing content, including titles, images, descriptions, and price points. In this webinar co-hosted with Sellzone, we dive into the best ways to execute split testing, which in turn leads to increased profits. 

You’ll Learn

Group 6

Why you need to be testing your Amazon listings in this increasingly saturated marketplace 

Group 5

How to strategically split test your listings, including tactile strategies you can implement immediately 

Group 4

Lessons Kaspien and Sellzone have learned from conducting hundreds of split tests and how to apply our learnings to your strategy 

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The Presenters

Jenn Johnston
Digital Marketing Specialist

Jenn has been pivotal in Kaspien’s mastery of search engine optimization on Amazon. Her team has optimized tens of thousands of listings and conducted countless tests to determine which features have the greatest impact on product placement and conversions. In her current role as Digital Marketing Specialist, Jenn provides marketing support of all types for critical initiatives.

Dan Saunders
Marketing Consultant

Dan has worked in marketing for 18 years. He currently manages his own ecommerce and Amazon store, promoting other products and services where appropriate and generating referral leads. His in-depth understanding of different markets and competitors to maintain a competitive advantage has helped when working alongside directors to translate business strategy into clear plans.