Maximize Amazon Q4 Revenue: 3 Tools To Optimize Your Supply Chain, Advertising, & Margins

The holiday shopping season is quickly approaching, but sellers are struggling to adequately prepare. Rising production costs, persistent supply chain issues, rising competition, and more pose significant challenges that make Q4 success far from certain this year.

In this webinar, Kaspien and MyFBAPrep join forces to highlight three levers that sellers can use to overcome these obstacles.


You’ll Learn

Group 6
How to create transparency in your supply chain and use it to improve efficiency and performance.
Group 5
How to improve Amazon advertising profitability even as ad costs and competition rise.
Group 4
How to raise your bottom line by proactively identifying inventory reimbursement cases.

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The Presenters


Jeremy Rossow 
Digital Marketing Mgr.

Jeremy Rossow is the Digital Marketing Manager at Kaspien and oversees all sponsored ad campaigns on Amazon for Kaspien’s partners. With his team, Jeremy has managed hundreds of Amazon campaigns and conducted dozens of tests to establish and refine best practices for Amazon sponsored ads and Amazon DSP.

Richard Taylor 
Agency Manager 

Richard Taylor leads Kaspien’s agency team, which provides Seller Central and Vendor Central account management. Previously, Richard oversaw Kaspien’s SaaS application, Perispect, designed to assist brands in their efforts monitoring prices and seller identification on Amazon and other ecommerce marketplaces.

Taylor Smits 

Taylor got his start in eCommerce over a decade ago by selling sporting event and concert tickets online. He has since added dropshipping, private label, and wholesaling to his repertoire. Today, Taylor has built a 7-figure Amazon business and guides MyFBAPrep as a co-founder and Amazon seller. Taylor is responsible for onboarding new warehouses and managing the relationship between MyFBAPrep existing customers and warehouses.