12 Amazon Marketing Opportunities & How to Use Them

Deep dive into 12 marketing tools available on Amazon with Kaspien‘s experts. In this webinar, Kaspien‘s Digital Marketing Manager, SEO Manager, and Inbound Marketing Manager walk through what each service is, how to use them independently, how to use them in coordination, and the results we’ve seen. Services to be covered include Amazon Attribution, Amazon Live, Sponsored Videos, Sponsored Display ads, and more!


You’ll Learn

Group 6

How to leverage organic marketing efforts on Amazon, such as A+ Content and Amazon Stores, to improve organic rank and conversions

Group 5

How to optimize paid advertising efforts on Amazon, including Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display ads, to grow market share and sales efficiently

Group 4

How to harness the power of social media marketing and influencer marketing to further boost brand awareness and traffic to your Amazon listings

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The Presenters


Jeremy Rossow
Digital Marketing Manager

Jeremy Rossow is the Digital Marketing Manager at Kaspien and oversees all sponsored ad campaigns on Amazon for Kaspien‘s partners. With his team, Jeremy has managed hundreds of Amazon campaigns and conducted dozens of tests to establish and refine best pratices. In the webinar, he’ll be covering Sponsored Product Ads, Sponsored Brand Ads, Sponsored Display Ads, Sponsored Video Ads, Deals, and DSP.


Jennifer Johnston
SEO Manager

Jennifer Johnston leads Kaspien‘s SEO team and has been pivotal in Kaspien‘s mastery of search engine optimization on Amazon. Her team has optimized tens of thousands of listings and conducted countless tests to determine which features have the greatest impact on product placement and conversions. In the webinar, she will cover the Early Reviewer Program, Brand Stores, and A+ Content, as well as how paid marketing efforts influence and are influenced by organic marketing efforts.

Katie Capka

Katie Capka
Inbound Marketing Manager

Katie Capka manages Kaspien‘s Inbound Marketing team. While much of her work is focused on driving consumers to Amazon from off-site platforms like Facebook and Instagram, Katie has led the exploration of newer Amazon marketing programs that integrate on- and off-Amazon marketing. In the webinar, Katie will discuss how to use the Amazon Attribution program, Amazon Live, and coupons in coordination with off-Amazon marketing to create a seamless customer experience.