Key Considerations as You Ramp Up Your Ecommerce Strategy

The coronavirus has forced many brands to rethink their ecommerce strategy. Many are launching or expanding their efforts on Amazon and Walmart to mitigate the sales loss in brick and mortar stores. Others are pivoting their ecommerce strategy from a retail model (1P or 3P) to a direct to consumer (DTC) model.

This webinar helps brands navigate through these decisions. The webinar opens with a review of the current state of ecommerce, why more and more brands are adopting a DTC strategy on Amazon and Walmart, and key considerations when deciding if a DTC strategy is right for your brand.


You’ll Learn

Group 6

The state of ecommerce as its been impacted by COVID-19 and why it’s essential to have a robust Amazon strategy

Group 5

Why many brands are shifting from B2B to DTC strategies

Group 4

Key considerations for developing an ecommerce strategy and questions to ask when researching agencies

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The Presenters

Kelsey Gruis
VP of Business Development

Kelsey Gruis has over seven years of combined sales and management experience in ecommerce. As the GM of Kaspien‘s agency and software divisions, Kelsey helps brands promote and manage their business on online marketplaces, without sacrificing control.

Keri Rhodes
Director of Marketing

Keri Rhodes is a leading expert in Amazon marketing. Drawing on over 12 years of sales and marketing experience, 7 of which have been focused on Amazon, Keri has helped thousands of brands customize their ecommerce strategy to support their specific goals and needs.