Last-Minute Tips to Dominate Q4 on Amazon

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the historic peak of the holiday shopping season are critical times for many brands, and you need to ensure you’re positioned competitively before they arrive.

Using data from Q4 2019 and Prime Day 2020, Kaspien’s Digital Marketing Specialist and Inbound Marketing Manager come together to share last minute, profit-growing tips for marketing that you can implement quickly before key sales days like Cyber Monday.


You’ll Learn

Group 6

How results from Q4 2019 compare to Prime Day 2020, and what they tell us about holiday marketing strategies for this atypical year

Group 5

How and when to implement Q4-specific strategies for Amazon SEO, advertising, and other marketing tactics

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The Presenters

Jennifer Johnston
Digital Marketing Specialist

Of Jenn’s many accomplishments at Kaspien, one of her most significant has been building Kaspien’s SEO team from the ground up. Jenn has been pivotal in Kaspien’s mastery of search engine optimization on Amazon. Her team has optimized tens of thousands of listings and conducted countless tests to determine which features have the greatest impact on product placement and conversions. In her current role as Digital Marketing Specialist, Jenn provides marketing support of all types for critical initiatives.

Katie Capka

Katie Capka
Inbound Marketing Manager

Katie Capka is another power player at Kaspien and is responsible for creating and managing Kaspien’s Inbound Marketing team. Her team is dedicating to driving traffic to listings through off-platform sources, leveraging tools like social media advertising and giveaways. Katie has also led the exploration of newer Amazon marketing programs that integrate on- and off-Amazon marketing, such as Amazon Live, Influencer Marketing, and the Amazon Attribution program.