Drive More Traffic to Your Amazon Listings: 5 Channels That Deliver

Brands selling on Amazon have two levers to pull to increase sales: increase listing traffic and increase conversion rates. In this webinar co-hosted with Sellzone, we tackle the former, breaking down strategies you can use to drive more traffic to your listings through reverse ASIN search, Google search, referral traffic, social media, and influencers.

You’ll Learn

How to maximize the internal Amazon traffic coming to your listing and beat your competitors on Amazon search.

How to drive external traffic to your Amazon listing from Google organic.

Why backlinks are important and how to get the most of referral traffic.

How to build a proper social media and influencer marketing strategy to get more sales.

Watch the Webinar

The Presenters

Madisen Brocklehurst

Social Media Manager,

Madisen leads all of Kaspien’s partner-facing inbound strategies, including organic social media, influencer marketing, and social media advertising.

Colby Almond

Sr. Ecommerce Manager,

Colby Almond has over a decade of agency SEO and digital marketing experience working with companies ranging from small businesses to global leaders. Past clients include ESPN, Home Depot, Intuit, NASCAR, Vivint, Paramount Pictures, and many more.

Robyn Johnson

CEO & Founder,
Marketplace Blueprint

Robyn has been heralded as one of the country’s foremost leaders on the topic of selling and marketing products on Amazon.com. Robyn’s firm, Marketplace Blueprint, works with brand owners and manufacturers, and authors to help them profitably scale or control their presence on Amazon.

Dan Saunders

Performance Marketing Manager,
Ingenuity Digital

Dan has worked in marketing for 18 years. He currently manages his own ecommerce and Amazon store, promoting other products and services where appropriate and generating referral leads. His in-depth understanding of different markets and competitors to maintain a competitive advantage has helped when working alongside directors to translate business strategy into clear plans.