Top 9 Customer Service Mistakes Amazon Sellers Make & How To Avoid Them

Your customers can be your brand’s greatest advocates or your greatest detractors. Which they will be depends largely on the quality of your customer service.  

In this webinar co-hosted with SellerSmile, we review the top 9 most egregious mistakes sellers commonly make on Amazon, and what you should be doing instead. 

You’ll Learn

Group 6

How to proactively prevent negative reviews through iterative development and expectation setting. 

Group 5

How to investigate and determine if customer claims rightly belong on your seller account, or if they instead belong to Amazon FBA. 

Group 4

How to respond to negative reviews productively. 

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The Presenters

Brittany Startzel 
Account Manager 

Brittany is a sales and marketing professional with over 6 years of training, development and management experience in marketplace sales and e-commerce. She works directly with consumer product good manufacturers to develop and execute online strategy.

Kenley Seefeld 
Account Manager 

Kenley Seefeld has 4 years of combined experience in account and project management in eCommerce. As an account manager, she works closely with brands to grow their revenue and brand awareness online by providing data-driven insights and implementing tailored recommendations that support her client’s goals.

Tygh Walters 
Co-Founder & CEO 

Tygh is a serial entrepreneur that craved freedom from the typical nine-to-five and now helps others like him step away from their inboxes and towards their goals. with his company, SellerSmile. SellerSmile helps online businesses grow with feedback from support that is fast and friendly.