Stop Counterfeit & Unauthorized Sellers from Stealing Your Profits

Unauthorized and counterfeit sellers are some of the most damaging and challenging issues brands face when selling on Amazon. This problem has become so great that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) even published a 54-page report about the issue in January 2020.

Clearly, there is a serious problem, but what can you do about it? That’s exactly what we cover in this on-demand webinar.

Brand Protection

You’ll Learn

Group 6

How products end up on the gray and black market, and how to identify and combat this issue for your own business.

Group 5

What actions brands legally can and cannot take to combat unauthorized sellers, and when it’s time to call in the experts.

Group 4

What Amazon tools and policies can be leveraged in various situations with counterfeits and unauthorized sellers.

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The Presenters

Group 4
Derick Manlapeg Partner

Derick Manlapeg is a legal tech entrepreneur who co-founded VantageBP, an online brand protection technology that automates the enforcement of gray and black market products for some of the world’s largest brands.

Group 5

Jessica Bronte
Key Account Manager Kaspien

Jessica Bronte has partnered with brands across categories to strategically grow their business on ecommerce marketplaces. She has managed both retail and agency partnerships, providing a well-rounded perspective.

Group 6

Richard Taylor
Agency Manager Kaspien

Richard Taylor is an account manager who oversees Kaspien’s SaaS application, Perispect, designed to assist brands in their efforts monitoring prices and seller identification on Amazon and other ecommerce marketplaces.