Turn Amazon SEO into a Measurable Revenue Generator

Search engine optimization is an essential ingredient for success on Amazon. The problem? Attributing revenue to SEO can be tricky, and as a result, SEO doesn’t always get the attention it deserves.

In this webinar, our leading SEO experts explain how to turn SEO into a measurable revenue generator for Amazon. This is a must-watch for marketing leaders interested in Amazon.

You’ll Learn

How to build an SEO team for Amazon, including how much of your marketing budget should be devoted to SEO and critical hires

How to structure your metrics so you can track, measure, and act upon the most meaningful KPIs

Examples of how enacting best practices tangibly impact Amazon revenue

Watch the Webinar

The Presenters

Jennifer Johnston 
Digital Marketing Specialist  

Jenn has been pivotal in Kaspien’s mastery of search engine optimization on Amazon. Her team has optimized tens of thousands of listings and conducted countless tests to determine which features have the greatest impact on product placement and conversions. In her current role as Digital Marketing Specialist, Jenn provides marketing support of all types for critical initiatives.

Autumn Ledesma 
SEO Team Lead  

Autumn has an MBA from Gonzaga University and a background in small business consulting and digital marketing. Drawing on over 5 years of experience in traditional and ecommerce Search Engine Optimization, Autumn leads Kaspien’s SEO Team in servicing Kaspien’s partner brands.