Amazon Dropshipping for SMBs & Enterprises

Since early 2020, Amazon FBA has repeatedly and without warning restricted inventory limits. The latest round of restrictions hit on May 24th.  

At this point, it’s clear that brands selling on Amazon need to be able to capture sales with or without FBA. And that’s where dropship shines. 


You’ll Learn

Group 6

Why you should set up dropshipping capabilities as a supplement to Amazon FBA. 

Group 5

How to run Amazon dropship at scale effectively to capture additional sales and validate new products for FBA. 

Group 4

Ideal use cases for dropship, including oversized products, slow sales velocity, Amazon Business, and more. 

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The Presenters

Evan Durrant 
GM of Dropship

Evan has over eight years of experience managing and growing sales on Amazon and other marketplaces. As the GM of Dropship, Evan continually seeks to refine and improve business processes to provide as much value as possible to Kaspien’s partners.

Jim Briggs 
Business Development Executive

Jim has over 15 years of combined sales and logistics experience in the industrial and ecommerce industries. As a Business Development Executive, Jim helps brands identify and implement strategic opportunities to optimize and grow their business on today’s leading online marketplaces.