How to Build an Amazon Brand Store

Amazon Brand Stores are a digital storefront which can be customized using templates provided by Amazon to showcase a brand’s colors, images, and unique voice.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how to create an Amazon Brand Store that beautifully features your brand’s products to give your customers an engaging and immersive experience to browse your products.

You’ll Learn

Why creating an Amazon Brand Store helps grow your brand (and your sales) on Amazon.

How  to create a Brand Store that tells a story to increase awareness of your brand and your products.

How to leverage your Brand Store to improve traffic, increase conversions, and improve sales.

Watch the Webinar

How to Build an Amazon Brand Store

The Presenters

Kaylyn Carson

Kaylyn Carson

SEO Coordinator Marketing,

As an SEO Coordinator at Kaspien, Kaylyn’s job is to help brands grow their business on online marketplaces by optimizing Amazon listings with high traffic keywords, A+ Content, and Brand Stores to help them grow online. 

Kenley Seefeld

Partner Success Manager,

Kenley has 6 years of combined experience in account and project management, primarily spent focusing on the Amazon marketplace. As a current Brand Manager, she works closely with brands to grow their revenue and brand awareness online.

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