Kaspien is a $1 billion ecommerce business with over 12 years of experience retailing on major marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. Originally a third-party seller, Kaspien now boasts a robust platform of software and services that can be deployed for brands in three ways: retailer, agency, and software provider.

Our Retail division partners with brands to maximize velocity and brand awareness around the world. We buy products from brands, then leverage an array of leading software and fulfillment services like FBA and Deliverr to drive sales growth. LEARN MORE: https://www.kaspien.com/retail/

Our Agency acts as an extension of your brand, implementing our proven strategies on your behalf. Our agency can provide complete channel management for Amazon, Walmart, and eBay, or provide Managed Service for marketing, brand protection, inventory management, and analytics. LEARN MORE: https://www.kaspien.com/agency/

Our Software equips brands’ internal teams with proven tools to maximize marketplace success. We’ve spent years building, refining, and validating these tools, and now, they’re available to you. Our software is built by sellers, for sellers. LEARN MORE: https://www.kaspien.com/software/

Get in Touch: https://www.kaspien.com/contact/