AdManager Self-Guided Demo

Meet AdManager

AdManager is a bid optimization software that allows you to create cost-effective, impactful Amazon sponsored ad campaigns with ease. Guided by parameters that you define, AdManager uses artificial intelligence to automatically optimize bids across all campaigns, maximizing efficiency and sales.

1. Software Overview

2. How to Use the Dashboard

3. Introduction to Campaigns

4. How to Filter & Edit Ad Groups

5. How to Use Products Table

6. How to Use the Keywords Table

7. How to Set Optimizations

What is the Kaspien Platform?

Kaspien is a complete marketplace growth platform offering software & services to grow your brand online. We’ve been retailing on Amazon for 12+ years and have used that experience to build advanced software, develop robust services, and represent brands directly through our agency model. If you sell online, we have something to offer you.

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