How to Capitalize on the Marketplace Boom by Aligning Sales and Fulfillment

Multi Marketplace Sales Fulfillment

Marketplace sales are booming. According to Statista, 63% of consumers start their search on Amazon, 25% on other marketplaces, and only 21% on the brands’ websites. Consumers prefer to shop on marketplaces over brand websites for several reasons, including the availability of fast and free shipping, customer reviews, and easy price comparisons, and hassle-free returns. […]

Walmart Now Allowing Non-US Sellers to Sell on

On March 18, 2021, Walmart removed requirements for sellers on its platform to have a US address or business tax identification. As a result, sellers based outside of the US can now sell on, assuming they receive approval. Unlike Amazon, Walmart’s online marketplace is gated; sellers need approval from Walmart before they can start selling on the platform. Walmart will maintain these vetting procedures for […]

Walmart vs Amazon: How the Two Largest Ecommerce Players Compare

Walmart vs Amazon: How the two companies compare

Amazon has long dominated online marketplaces in the US. However, in 2020, Walmart launched a series of initiatives that would borrow from Amazon’s learnings to bring Walmart into a competitive position, such as Walmart Fulfillment Services and a subscription service, Walmart+ (Walmart Plus). The success of these initiatives immediately underwent a trial by fire as the […]

20 Terms Every Walmart Seller Should Know

1. Dropship Vendor (DSV): A business model where sellers list their products on, but hold the products in their own warehouse or a third-party logistics provider’s warehouse. Walmart appears as the seller in the listing. When a customer orders a seller’s product from, the seller ships it to the buyer. Walmart requires the merchandise to be shipped with a Walmart packing slip. If the customer chooses […]

Walmart Marketplace Sales Grew 97% During Q2 2020

Walmart earnings report Q2 2020

Today, Walmart released their earnings report for the 13-week period ended July 31, 2020. Notable highlights from the release include: Net sales in the US were up 9.3% year-over-year (YoY) to $93.3B Total revenue was up $7.4B YoY to $137.7B Walmart US ecommerce sales increased 97% YoY Walmart US ecommerce sales accounted for approximately 6% of Q2 net sales, around $5.5B Sam’s Club […]

Walmart Fulfillment Services vs. Amazon FBA

Walmart Fulfillment Services vs Amazon FBA

In the world of ecommerce, FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) is one of the most used phrases. Now, get ready to use WFS (Walmart Fulfillment Services) just as frequently. Walmart Fulfillment Services launched in February 2020, putting Walmart in a better position to compete with Amazon. Walmart Fulfillment Services is a fulfillment network owned and operated by Walmart. It allows brands who sell on Walmart to […]

3 Reasons You Should Develop a Dynamic Fulfillment Network in the Time of COVID-19

Map of US and Importance of Dynamic Fulfillment Network

Updated August 2021 With the unexpected onset of COVID-19, many brands and manufacturers faced a production standstill ranging from weeks to months, jeopardizing and even killing their businesses. The coronavirus restricted supply chains, exposed structural fragility, and revealed a severe lack of emergency resources. In short, many companies just weren’t prepared. Even now, many states […]

Walmart Announces Walmart+ to Compete with Amazon Prime

Walmart announces Walmart Plus to Compete with Amazon Prime

Updated 9/1/2020: Walmart officially announced that Walmart Plus will become available to all members on September 15th. What is Walmart+ (Walmart Plus)? Walmart will be launching a new service in July called Walmart+, according to Recode. Walmart+ is a subscription-based service that will provide members access to unlimited same-day delivery for eligible items, discounts at Walmart gas stations, and early access […]

The Coronavirus’s Effect on Manufacturers and Sellers

How the coronavirus impacts Amazon sellers

As of publication, the coronavirus outbreak has infected over 75,000 individuals and claimed over 2,000 lives. China has quarantined at least 16 cities, 19 countries have confirmed cases of the coronavirus, and governments around the world have restricted travel and transportation to curb the outbreak. The coronavirus has also had an economic impact, disrupting production and supply lines. On February 24th, the Dow Jones was down over 1,000 points, contributing to fears that the coronavirus, if […]

Sourcing 101: 10 Tips for Sourcing Product Internationally

How to source product internationally

Managing a supply chain that is halfway around the world is a challenge. It takes experience, courage, cultural sensitivity, and the guts and know-how to manage the complexities of production and quality. There is significant investment in inventory, and it must all be paid for up front (at least in the beginning). Learning to navigate […]

Kaspien: Your One-Stop Shop for Everything Ecommerce

The most sophisticated Amazon retailer

Over the last 11 years, we’ve developed a wide range of excellent services for our partners, and in the fast-paced world of ecommerce, some partners may have missed a few of those opportunities. That’s why we’re dedicating this post to providing an overview of Kaspien’s various offerings, including our array of ecommerce services, our proprietary software for marketing optimization, brand […]