CEO Insights: The Kaspien Platform of Products and Services

Recently, I’ve been getting several questions on how Kaspien partners with brands. In this post, I’d like to address these questions and define the various products and services that Kaspien offers. At Kaspien, our mission is to be the ultimate online growth partner. We empower brands to achieve their online retail goals through innovative, proprietary technology, […]

How Much It Costs to Sell on Amazon: Selling Your Product Yourself 

How much does it cost to sell your product yourself on Amazon

For the third installment of our costs of Amazon series, we’re examining the Amazon business expenses associated with direct selling. In the previous posts in this series, we looked at the costs of Amazon third-party sellers and the costs of Amazon Retail.   WHAT IS DIRECT SELLING & HOW DOES IT WORK ON AMAZON?  Direct selling is the business model where a brand operates as […]

Kaspien: Your One-Stop Shop for Everything Ecommerce 

The most sophisticated Amazon retailer

Over the last 11 years, we’ve developed a wide range of excellent services for our partners, and in the fast-paced world of ecommerce, some partners may have missed a few of those opportunities.  That’s why we’re dedicating this post to providing an overview of Kaspien’s various offerings, including our array of ecommerce services, our proprietary software for marketing optimization, brand […]

Using Data to Mitigate Risks, Improve Marketing, & Streamline Logistics

Using Data to Mitigate Risks, Improve Marketing, and Streamline Logistics

Data is only as valuable as what you do with it. While many companies have become proficient at gathering data, far fewer are adept at transforming it into meaningful actions.  At Kaspien, we use proprietary applications to convert nebulous data into real, material gains for our partners. In our comprehensive approach, data drives fulfillment efficiency, mitigates […]

How Manufacturers Can Protect Their Pricing Policy & Brand Integrity 

Protect Your Brand and Enforce Your Pricing with Perispect

Unauthorized sellers are one of the most pervasive challenges in online retail. These rogue sellers are often the cause of pricing violations, which can disrupt a brand’s relationships with brick and mortar accounts as well as their direct website retailers.  Unauthorized sellers can also erode brand integrity by not upholding your brand’s quality standards, not honoring product warranties, and providing subpar customer service.  That bears […]

Meet AdManager: Amazon Sponsored Products Campaign Automation 

Introducing AdManager

Amazon Sponsored Product Ads are among the most impactful paid advertising tools in online retail. Although these ads appear only on Amazon, nearly half of US shoppers begin their shopping journey on Amazon and 73% of daily online shoppers click on products ads while browsing. Of those who click on the ad, a staggering 83% purchase the product! The problem is, […]

Detecting Amazon Fraud: How to Spot “Scam Sellers” on Amazon

Recently, vendors using our proprietary software application Perispect to track sellers and pricing across online marketplaces have been spotting Amazon sellers advertising their products below MAP pricing. Many vendors do not realize that some of these sellers may be “scam sellers” who have many products in their Amazon inventory but do not ship anything to […]

Who’s Selling My Products? How to Track Amazon Merchants

If you are planning on selling your own products on the Amazon marketplace, then you better have a system in place for tracking Amazon merchants. Having an unknown merchant or seller pop up in your Amazon product listing is a common frustration that most brand owners will experience. These one-off Amazon sellers can negatively impact […]

5 Steps to Successfully Implement a MAP Policy

Creating and enforcing a Minimum Advertising Price (MAP) Policy helps protect brand image and ensure that authorized retailers are able to compete fairly. Here are 5 steps to successfully implement a new MAP policy: 1. Determine your threshold What is the lowest price that you would like your products to be advertised at? This might be a […]

MSRP vs. MAP – What is the Difference?

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price, or “MSRP” The price a product should be sold for, recommended by the manufacturer. The price is supposed to reflect all the costs that happened during the manufacturing process, including retailer markup. MSRP is not necessarily the price that retailers use or that consumers pay for. Some retailers sell below MSRP […]