AdManager Wins 2021 MarTech Breakthrough Award in Marketing Automation Innovation Category

AdManager Wins MarTech Breakthrough Award

Kaspien Awarded MarTech Innovation Award for Amazon Ad Management Software  Today, we’re delighted to announce that our Amazon advertising software, AdManager, has won the “Marketing Automation Innovation Award” in the fourth annual MarTech Breakthrough Awards.   AdManager won in a particularly competitive year, with this year’s program attracting more than 2,850 nominations from over 17 different countries throughout the world.   About MarTech  The award program […]

Ep. 34: How Kaspien Plans to Use Their New Raised Equity Funds CEO, Kunal Chopra and the executive team of Kaspien, as they discuss how Kaspien plans on using the new equity funds raised in March. The team will discuss how Kaspien intends to deploy the funds to fuel growth, what the e-commerce platform will look like in the future, and the new phase for Kaspien. […]

Kaspien Adds Day Parting to Amazon Advertising Software 

We are proud to announce that Day Parting is now available in our Amazon campaign management software, AdManager. Day Parting enables Amazon advertisers to schedule pay-per-click (PPC) ads to run only during the days and times that deliver the best results. The Day Parting feature also displays performance results for multiple key metrics broken out by day and time, helping guide users’ strategy.   AdManager is one of the […]

How to Remove Rogue Sellers and Counterfeits from Amazon 

Amazon Brand Protection

One of the most important topics in ecommerce is channel control. In ecommerce, channel control means a brand has complete control of their representation across all marketplaces (Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Target, Google Shopping, their website etc.). This includes consistent appearance and voice, consistent pricing, and a consistent product experience for all consumers.  Brands have struggled with channel control for years, and […]

Amazon FBA Reimbursement Services: Manual vs Automated Inventory Reconciliation

FBA Seller Reimbursement Services

Selling on Amazon offers many opportunities and is an excellent way to grow your brand. One of the most helpful tools that Amazon offers sellers is Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), which boasts a sprawling network of Amazon-owned warehouses across the country. Sellers ship inventory to these Amazon fulfillment centers for storage and eventual fulfillment to the end consumer. Amazon’s fulfillment […]

AdManager, Amazon PPC Management Software, Releases Four New Features 

Amazon PPC Management Software

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of a new suite of features for our Amazon PPC management software, AdManager. The new features include:  Automated search term optimization  Automated budget optimization to maximize profitability  An Out of Budget table that recommends ideal budgets  A new “4 Campaign Build” option for campaign creation  All these features are being added for free for existing users […]

How We Use Our Data Platform to Drive Amazon Success 

Driving Amazon Success with Data

One should be able to infer the mission of a company based on their data infrastructure. By reviewing the data infrastructure, you can see what inputs and outputs matter to a company, who is using the data, and how it’s used.   At Kaspien, we use data-centric processes to inform our business strategies. These processes, such […]

Ad Campaigns

How to Create High Performing Amazon Ad Campaigns This webinar provides a brief overview of how Amazon advertising works, then dives into how to create sponsored ad campaigns that maximize sales while driving down costs. More specifically, the webinar defines Broad, Phrase, and Exact match keywords and how to use them, how to structure campaigns […]

Meet Kaspien’s Amazon PPC Management Software, AdManager 

etailz AdManager is your marketer who never sleeps

We recently launched Kaspien AdManager, software for Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) ad management. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we sat down with our AdManager experts to discuss some of the most pertinent questions, like “What is AdManager?” and “What makes it better than other Amazon ad management software?”   You’ve asked. We’ve answered.   Find all the juicy details below.  What is Kaspien AdManager?   AdManager […]

Kaspien AdManager: Software Automation for Amazon Sponsored Products

AdManager Wins MarTech Breakthrough Award

SOFTWARE AUTOMATION FOR AMAZON SPONSORED PRODUCTS Digital marketing is one of the most effective and reliable ways to drive sales growth on Amazon. Because marketing on Amazon has proven so effective, more and more brands are choosing to invest in it, which in turn saturates the marketplace and increases average costs. To continue maximizing sales […]

Kaspien Launches Amazon Ad Manager Software Beta

Amazon search marketing just got a whole lot easier.   We’re proud to announce the beta launch of our self-service Amazon ad management software, Kaspien AdManager. AdManager is designed by marketers for marketers, drawing on over 11 years of ecommerce marketing experience to create our dream tool.   We’ve spent years building, using, and refining AdManager internally to run our partners’ […]

CEO Insights: The Kaspien Platform of Products and Services

Recently, I’ve been getting several questions on how Kaspien partners with brands. In this post, I’d like to address these questions and define the various products and services that Kaspien offers. At Kaspien, our mission is to be the ultimate online growth partner. We empower brands to achieve their online retail goals through innovative, proprietary technology, […]