What is the Metaverse & Augmented Reality Ecommerce?

Metaverse on digital landscape

Table of Contents What is the Metaverse?  If you haven’t heard about the growing popularity of the Metaverse, you may be living on a different planet. Just earlier this year, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a very ambitious change in direction to his Facebook team. He proposed the creation of a virtual environment for today’s advanced […]

Driving Traffic Sellzone

Drive More Traffic to Your Amazon Listings: 5 Channels That Deliver Brands selling on Amazon have two levers to pull to increase sales: increase listing traffic and increase conversion rates. In this webinar co-hosted with Sellzone, we tackle the former, breaking down strategies you can use to drive more traffic to your listings through reverse […]

Partner: ZippyPaws – Amazon Retail

ZippyPaws Transitions from Amazon Retail to Kaspien & Grows Revenue 139% The Challenge In 2018, ZippyPaws ended their relationship with Amazon Retail to partner with Kaspien as their exclusive Amazon seller. At the time, ZippyPaws had over 50 unauthorized sellers, pervasive counterfeit product issues, lost profits due to chargebacks, and Amazon rarely adhered to their […]

How to Grow Your Brand’s Social Media for Ecommerce

social media for ecommerce

Table of Contents It’s no secret social media can be a powerful marketing tool. Each month Facebook and Instagram together host over 3 billion active users (yes, BILLIONS). The capability to reach a large audience on these social platforms offers great opportunities for brands to connect with current and potential customers, grow their brand awareness, […]

100+ Tips for Mastering Amazon Marketing

Amazon Marketing Tips

100+ TIPS FOR MASTERING AMAZON MARKETING To overcome rising competition and costs, you need a robust marketing strategy for Amazon. Drawing on over 13 years of experience selling on Amazon, we’re sharing 100+ data-backed strategies for improving organic and paid marketing performance. It’s time to grow! Download the eBook Contained in the eBook 45 ACTIONABLE […]

Amazon Affiliate Program: What Sellers Need To Know about Amazon Associates

Amazon Affiliate Program

What is the Amazon Affiliate Program?  The Amazon Affiliate Program, also called “Amazon Associates,” is one of the largest affiliate programs online, allowing content creators, publishers, and bloggers the opportunity to monetize their content. After signing up for the free program, creators receive links they can publish and promote to their followers. When a sale is made through their individualized link, the affiliates […]

How to Craft Your Influencer Marketing Strategy by Product Category

Influencer Marketing Strategy

For both brands primarily in ecommerce and those primarily in brick and mortar, influencer marketing is becoming a more prevalent aspect of social marketing strategy. Influencer marketing allows companies the opportunity to reach a large audience with their inbound strategy and utilizes relationships to market their products.   When you think of an influencer, you may think of someone who is young and primarily promotes beauty and/or lifestyle content. […]

100+ Tips for Mastering Amazon Marketing

Amazon Marketing Tips

Table of Contents 100+ Data-backed Amazon Marketing Strategies to Improve Organic & Paid Marketing Performance  Digital marketing can significantly improve sales growth on Amazon. This reality has led to fierce competition, raising the question: What are the most effective tactics for each marketing tool?   In a new eBook, we approach that question in two ways:   […]

Why You Need an Influencer Marketing Strategy for Amazon

Influencer Marketing Strategy for Amazon

Why an Influencer Marketing Strategy Is Important  Why should you bother with an influencer marketing strategy for Amazon? The short answer is that it helps your brand generate awareness, build trust, and drive additional traffic to Amazon. But let’s unpack this a bit more.  Influencer Marketing Has a Long History Influencer marketing existed long before […]

Myth-Busting the Amazon A10 Algorithm: How Amazon Product Ranking Works

Myth-busting the Amazon A10 Algorithm

Table of Contents In late 2019, the Wall Street Journal reported that Amazon had changed its A9 algorithm to favor its own brands. By mid 2020, Amazon-focused businesses, including software providers, Amazon agencies, and third-party sellers, started posting articles about an “A10” Amazon algorithm, although they described different changes than the WSJ article. Blog posts about […]

Amazon Announces Brand Referral Bonus Program for Amazon Sellers 

Amazon announces Brand Referral Bonus program

What is the Brand Referral Bonus Program?  On July 15, 2021, Amazon announced the Brand Referral Bonus program. According to Amazon, the program allows participating sellers to “earn a bonus averaging 10% of product sales driven by your non-Amazon marketing efforts.” The bonus is credited to Amazon sellers through their referral fees.   Why Should Sellers Join the Brand Referral Bonus Program?  Amazon lists […]

Amazon Posts: An Exciting, Brand-Building Amazon Marketing Tool

Amazon Posts

It is no secret that social media has become well integrated into every portion of our lives. We have channels for our personal lives, professional lives, and now we have another channel for our lives as consumers: Amazon Posts.   What are Amazon Posts?  Amazon Posts are a social-media style outlet that brings the type of content we are […]