100+ Tips for Mastering Amazon Marketing

Amazon Marketing Tips

100+ Data-backed Amazon Marketing Strategies to Improve Organic & Paid Marketing Performance  Digital marketing can significantly improve sales growth on Amazon. This reality has led to fierce competition, raising the question: What are the most effective tactics for each marketing tool?   In a new eBook, we approach that question in two ways:   What are the […]

How to Get the Amazon Choice Badge on Your Amazon Listings

What is the Amazon Choice Badge?   The original Amazon Choice badge was exclusively for orders that came through Amazon Echo. This was because the Amazon Echo needed a way to distinguish which products to choose for the customer. For example, there are thousands of different toothbrush brands on Amazon.com, but when a customer orders a “toothbrush” through Amazon Echo, it needed a logical method to choose the […]

Myth-Busting the Amazon A10 Algorithm: How Amazon Product Ranking Works

Myth-busting the Amazon A10 Algorithm

In late 2019, the Wall Street Journal reported that Amazon had changed its A9 algorithm to favor its own brands. By mid 2020, Amazon-focused businesses, including software providers, Amazon agencies, and third-party sellers, started posting articles about an “A10” Amazon algorithm, although they described different changes than the WSJ article. Blog posts about the A10 algorithm […]

Amazon’s “Manage Your Customer Engagement” Tool: Overview & Early Results

D2C email marketing via Amazon's Manage Your Customer Engagement Tool

What is the Manage Your Customer Engagement Tool? In April 2021, Amazon unveiled a new marketing tool for brands enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry called “Manage Your Customer Engagement.” This tool allows brand owners or their authorized sellers to directly message shoppers who “follow” the brand on Amazon. How does Amazon’s Customer Engagement Tool Work? When Amazon launched their social media-esque Amazon Posts, they added a […]

How to Ace Your Amazon A+ Content

How to Ace Your Amazon A+ Content

It’s no secret that there are tricks of the trade when it comes to boosting your Amazon listing and increasing its conversions. One of those tricks is implementing Amazon A+ Content. Amazon claims that implementing A+ Content into a listing can improve conversion rates by 5% but internally, we have seen even greater returns. Kaspien […]

Amazon Brand Stores: Overview, Requirements, & Examples

Amazon Brand Stores

What are Amazon Brand Stores? Amazon Brand Stores are a digital storefront native to the Amazon marketplace. These stores are made by Amazon sellers using templates provided by Amazon, which can be customized to use a brand’s colors, images, and copy. Brand Stores provide many benefits, not the least of which is they feature a brand’s products in a […]

How to Improve SEO and Marketing on Amazon While Protecting Customer Information

There has been a great deal of attention recently on the legality of collecting and utilizing online consumer information. The UK Data Protection Act in 2018 requires, among other things, that consumers be notified of data collection and given the opportunity to opt out. While this law is applicable only in the EU, ecommerce companies that are based in the US and sell in the EU need to be aware of how these laws impact their […]

Amazon Prime Day 2021: Deadlines & Marketing Strategies

When is Amazon Prime Day this Year? UPDATE – Amazon Prime Day will be June 21-22, according to Bloomberg. Amazon has not yet announced the exact dates for Prime Day, but it is reportedly scheduled for June this year. An Amazon source also stated to Kaspien that June will be the likely date. While normally held in July, Prime Day […]

Amazon Strategy Guide: Creating a Unified SEO & Sponsored Ads Amazon Strategy

Amazon SEO Advertising

The two cornerstones of Amazon marketing are search engine optimization (SEO) and paid sponsored advertising. Combining both efforts is a crucial strategy for growth on Amazon. In this blog post, we’ll explain how SEO and search marketing works on Amazon and how the two can be combined to improve overall results. Amazon Search Engine Optimization Overview […]

Amazon SEO Listing Content Updates: Bullet Points and Description Style Guides

SEO is an ever-evolving part of the Amazon selling experience. Keeping content updated, engaging, keyword optimized, and compliant can be quite a balancing act. Amazon is always seeking to improve customer experience, and that includes updating content guidelines. Recently, there’s been a change in attitude toward all caps text in bullet points and HTML in product descriptions. In this post, we’ll break down this recent change and why implementing these recommendations can help improve your listing compliance. Experiments in […]

Amazon Ends Early Reviewer Program: Amazon Early Reviewer Program Retiring in April 2021

Amazon Ends Early Reviewer Program

Amazon Early Reviewer Program No Longer Accepting Applicants On March 10, 2021, Amazon Seller Support noticed sellers that the Early Reviewer Program (ERP) will no longer accept new ASINs into the program as of March 10, 2021 and that Amazon will discontinue the service completely on April 25, 2021. Amazon’s Notification to Sellers Transcribed “Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support, “We understand […]