3 Reasons You Should Develop a Dynamic Fulfillment Network in the Time of COVID-19

Map of US and Importance of Dynamic Fulfillment Network

Updated August 2021 With the unexpected onset of COVID-19, many brands and manufacturers faced a production standstill ranging from weeks to months, jeopardizing and even killing their businesses. The coronavirus restricted supply chains, exposed structural fragility, and revealed a severe lack of emergency resources. In short, many companies just weren’t prepared. Even now, many states […]

Amazon US Seller Profiles to Get Major Upgrade, Increasing Seller Transparency

Amazon Upgrades US Seller Profiles

On July 8th, Amazon Services notified sellers in the US that, effective September 1st, 2020, Amazon will display a seller’s business name and address on their Amazon.com “Seller Profile” page. For individuals, Amazon will display the individual name and address. This change will help eliminate seller anonymity on Amazon’s US marketplace, bringing it into alignment with their European, […]

Walmart Announces Walmart+ to Compete with Amazon Prime

Walmart announces Walmart Plus to Compete with Amazon Prime

Updated 9/1/2020: Walmart officially announced that Walmart Plus will become available to all members on September 15th. What is Walmart+ (Walmart Plus)? Walmart will be launching a new service in July called Walmart+, according to Recode. Walmart+ is a subscription-based service that will provide members access to unlimited same-day delivery for eligible items, discounts at Walmart gas stations, and early access […]

Amazon 1P vs 3P: Which is Better for Your Business?

Listen to the podcast episode: The Difference Between First-Party and Third-Party Sellers If you’ve thought about selling online, you’ve probably heard of first–party (1P) solutions offered by top marketplaces, like Amazon and Walmart. But what does that mean exactly? First-party simply means that the owner of the marketplace platform also has a retail entity that partners with brands and represents their products. For example, Amazon has a retail division called Amazon Retail, though in the Amazon community, it’s frequently just […]

100 Amazon and Marketing Terms Every Amazon Seller Should Know

100 terms every Amazon seller should know

Selling and marketing on Amazon involves dozens of moving pieces. To help with this problem, we’ve compiled a list of 100 terms every Amazon seller should know, including terms related to digital marketing, logistics, finances, and the fundamentals. For ease of use, the terms are listed in alphabetical order. Also check out our list of 20 […]

Amazon Q1 Earnings Report: Despite COVID-19, Amazon Reports Strong Results with Promising Outlook for Brands Selling on the Platform

Amazon's Q1 Earnings Report

Amazon recently published its Q1 2020 Earnings Report. The report posted positive results for Q1, with the anticipation of high expenses in Q2 as Amazon responds to COVID-19 impact. KEY TAKEAWAYS FROM AMAZON’S Q1 EARNINGS REPORT Amazon saw strong YoY sales growth, coming in at 26% growth in Q1 net sales. This growth comes in the face of COVID-19, and may be partly […]

Kaspien Secures Additional $5MM and Reconstitutes Board of Directors

We’re excited to announce that Kaspien’s parent company, Trans World Entertainment (TWEC), secured an additional $5MM in debt funding, adding to Kaspien’s $25MM funding raised in February earlier this year. This new funding comes from three investors: Alimco Financial Corporation, Kick-Start Funds, and the Robert Higgins TWMC Trust. The funding will be used to bring the full focus of the company exclusively to Kaspien. In conjunction […]

Finding the Helpers in COVID-19: Celebrating Brands that are Supporting Their Communities

Celebrating brands supporting communities during COVID-19

The news cycle is pretty bleak lately, but as Mr. Rogers famously reminded us, it’s important to take time to look for the helpers. Medical professionals, personal protective equipment producers, emergency workers, grocery store workers, utilities workers, and more have all continued providing essential services to keep our day-to-day lives running as smoothly as possible, even as the world takes historic measures to slow the spread […]

COVID-19 Status Update

Here’s How We Can Help As a major Amazon 3P retailer, we recognize the importance of Amazon’s recent decision to restrict shipments on certain categories and prioritize shipments for high-demand products. The US economy and many businesses are experiencing an unprecedented impact, and we feel it is our duty to support brands experiencing the volatile nature of the retail […]

Amazon No Longer Accepting Shipments to Fulfillment Centers from Certain Categories

Amazon stops accepting categories amid COVID-19 outbreak

COVID-19 is continuing to cause unforeseen impacts globally. On March 17th, Amazon announced that they have temporarily disabled the ability to create shipments for products outside of the following categories: Baby Products Health & Household Beauty & Personal Care Grocery Industrial & Scientific Pet Supplies As of today, this decision will be in effect through April 5, 2020. This […]

Amazon Publicly Launches Amazon.nl in the Netherlands – Kaspien Among First FBA Sellers

Amazon launches Amazon Netherlands marketplace

Today, Amazon publicly launched its Netherlands marketplace, Amazon.nl. Amazon Netherlands has functioned as a marketplace for digital content since November 2014. Dutch consumers could purchase physical items from other Amazon marketplaces in the PAN-EU program, which meant that Dutch shoppers had to browse for physical products in other languages. Amazon reported that in 2018, 29% of Dutch shoppers purchased from […]

Amazon Q4 Results Surpassed Expectations – Here’s What It Means For Brands

Amazon Q4 Results

Amazon’s Q4 performance in 2019 significantly exceeded predictions, with Amazon netting more than $1B over what Wall Street forecasted. There were some impressive growth drivers behind Amazon’s exceptional performance, including AWS, which grew 34% year-over-year (YOY), and advertising revenue, which grew 41% YOY. Amazon also saw strong results in its one-day shipping program, which had lower than […]