White House Aims to Fix Supply Chain Bottleneck: Will it Help Amazon Sellers?

Will Fixing the Supply Chain Bottleneck Help Amazon Sellers?

Table of Contents On October 13th, the White House announced that Walmart, UPS, and FedEx will implement around the clock service to alleviate the supply chain bottleneck. Likewise, the Port of Los Angeles will implement 24/7 service, after recent photos showed dozens of cargo ships idling in nearby waters waiting for their turn to offload. A […]

Amazon Announces Returns Performance Dashboard for Seller-Fulfilled Orders

Amazon Returns Performance Dashboard

Table of Contents Seller-Fulfilled Orders Now Monitored for Returns Performance On September 2nd, Amazon announced a new feature for seller-fulfilled returns: the Returns Performance Dashboard. The dashboard will track three key metrics for product returns: Return requests approved in less than 24 hours Total declined return requests Return-related buyer contact rate Amazon’s announcement also states that each […]

How to Use Amazon FBM to Strengthen Your Amazon Supply Chain

Use Amazon FBM to Strengthen Your Amazon Supply Chain

Table of Contents Amazon FBM Helps Overcome Ongoing Supply Chain Problems Amazon FBM is the solution for sellers struggling to overcome Amazon’s persistent. These issues have been a constant topic of discussion since the onset of the global pandemic, and for good reason. They pervade every link of the chain, from the first mile to […]

How to Switch from Amazon Vendor Central to Seller Central

Switch from Vendor Central to Seller Central

Table of Contents Why Shift from Vendor Central to Seller Central? If you currently wholesale to Amazon Retail in Vendor Central, why would you consider switching to Seller Central? Sellers Have More Control For most brands that come to ponder this question, the answer lies in control. They want more control over their brand’s representation, pricing, margins, marketing strategy, and customer experience. Amazon Retail […]

AdManager Wins 2021 MarTech Breakthrough Award in Marketing Automation Innovation Category

AdManager Wins MarTech Breakthrough Award

Kaspien Awarded MarTech Innovation Award for Amazon Ad Management Software Today, we’re delighted to announce that our Amazon advertising software, AdManager, has won the “Marketing Automation Innovation Award” in the fourth annual MarTech Breakthrough Awards. AdManager won in a particularly competitive year, with this year’s program attracting more than 2,850 nominations from over 17 different countries throughout the world. About MarTech The award program […]

The Flywheel Effect of Good Supply Chain Management

Semi trucks parked in loading docks of a warehouse

Your supply chain is the backbone of eCommerce operations. It ensures your products are high quality, available when needed, and ready to ship out seamlessly. It also affects costs, storage, and your customer experience. Running out of stock means you lose sales, reputation, loyal customers, or even a sales channel. Amazon, for example, penalizes listings […]

Why You Should Use Enterprise-Level Dropshipping on Amazon

Amazon Dropshipping Services

Dropshipping can be a powerful tool for ecommerce companies – if it’s utilized well. Amazon dropshipping, especially at an enterprise-level, can protect against supply chain volatility, mitigate warehouse storage fees and inventory limits, and aid in a variety of other operational hardships that come with traditional FBA fulfillment. This was demonstrated most recently when Amazon released FBA Amazon restrictions right before Prime Day 2021. “Dropshipping” can conjure a few different images, so what exactly do we mean by “enterprise-level dropshipping?” It’s largely a matter of the scale and scope of […]

Selling on Amazon: 3 Questions to Ask Before Working with Third-Party Sellers (3Ps)

Amazon third-party seller

On Amazon, third-party sellers (commonly referred to as “3P sellers”) are any company selling on Amazon’s marketplace other than Amazon itself. Amazon owns its marketplace, so Amazon is a “first-party” seller, while everyone else is a “third-party.” You can divide Amazon third-party sellers into two main subcategories: private label sellers and retailers. By private label, […]

How Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Works

How FBA works

Amazon’s scale is staggering. In 2018, the company’s valuation surpassed $1 trillion. At the start of 2021, the company’s valuation hovered around $1.6 trillion and Amazon employs over 1.1 million workers. One of the most important factors in Amazon’s astounding success is its operations. Specifically, its fulfillment network, which now enables customers to receive goods within hours of placing an order on […]

Overcome Amazon’s Restricted Inventory Limits with Dropship

May 24th was a normal Monday morning like any other for FBA sellers, until they saw their storage limits had been slashed in half. While the inventory restrictions are an immediate pain point, the news may also be a canary in a coalmine: If Amazon is tightening inventory restrictions ahead of Prime Day, we can expect that inventory restrictions will impact […]

How to Minimize Amazon Seller Fees & Costs to Maximize Net Profit Margin

How to Minimize Amazon Seller Fees

Table of Contents Amazon Seller Fees Erode Margins Amazon fees have steadily climbed over the years, eating into profit margins. Many of these costs rose even higher in 2020 as the pandemic triggered supply shortages and shipping delays across industries. If you’re finding that your profit margins are narrowing, you’re not alone. But while misery loves […]