E-Commerce Marketing: How to Grab Attention

Laptop screen with e-commerce marketing icons shining out of the screen in a beam of light.

Table of Contents Ever ignore a check engine light only to have black smoke suddenly start pouring out from under the hood of your car? Even if this hasn’t happened to you personally, it’s fair to say such an event would grab your attention. Most E-commerce marketing campaigns are like those little lights on your […]

Hiring an Amazon Marketing Agency

Mobile of icons representing different Amazon marketing strategies.

Table of Contents At Kaspien, we know a few tips about Amazon marketing (we, ahem, wrote the book on it). Yet we still talk to brands every day who are struggling with their e-commerce marketing and looking for something that can help them increase sales on Amazon. We wanted to take a moment to discuss the purpose […]

You Should Be Brand Bidding on Amazon

If you’re not bidding on your own branded keywords as part of your Amazon Advertising, you’re leaving a gaping hole for your competitors to step in.