Partner: Survivor Filter – Global Expansion

Survivor Filter Expands from CA to US and Grows Sales 292% The Challenge Survivor Filter partnered with Kaspien as their exclusive Amazon seller in 2019. As a Canadian brand, Survivor Filter had an established presence on Amazon Canada and sought a trusted partner to launch and grow their US business. Survivor Filter Expands from CA […]

Amazon Launches Amazon Poland Marketplace 

Amazon publicly launched in Poland on March 2, 2021, becoming the first new marketplace to be added in 2021. Amazon launched in the Netherlands and Sweden in 2020. With the addition of Poland, Amazon now has marketplaces in 19 countries around the world.   Amazon launches in Poland with more than 100 million products represented across 30+ categories. Marketplace Pulse notes that the marketplace launched […]

Amazon Will Expand to Sweden: Seller Can Soon Start Selling on  

On August 4th, Amazon published a press release announcing the impending launch of Amazon Sweden. On August 11th, Amazon sent an email to sellers with more details about what to expect with the new marketplace.  In this email to sellers, Amazon stated that Amazon Sweden will be available within EU Seller Central accounts as Seller Central Sweden. All Professional Selling fees and referrals fees will stay the […]

Amazon Publicly Launches in the Netherlands – Kaspien Among First FBA Sellers  

Amazon launches Amazon Netherlands marketplace

Today, Amazon publicly launched its Netherlands marketplace, Amazon Netherlands has functioned as a marketplace for digital content since November 2014. Dutch consumers could purchase physical items from other Amazon marketplaces in the PAN-EU program, which meant that Dutch shoppers had to browse for physical products in other languages. Amazon reported that in 2018, 29% of Dutch shoppers purchased from […]

Ep. 2: Expanding to New Domestic and International Marketplaces

Kelly Leary, Director of Global Supply Chain at Kaspien, shares his experience and advice for expanding to new marketplaces domestically and internationally. Together with Kunal Chopra, Leary discusses key considerations for entering international marketplaces, including pricing, brand protection, and fulfillment services. They also explore the need for marketplace diversification, as well as how to determine […]

Amazon Expands to the Netherlands: Sellers can sell on in 2020 

Amazon expands to the Netherlands

On January 15th, Amazon announced that it is expanding its Netherlands marketplace, allowing brands to start selling physical products on for the first time.   In the announcement, Amazon stated that the marketplace will be automatically added to EU seller accounts, becoming the sixth country in the program. The subscription fee for the Professional Seller plan will not change.   According to Amazon’s press […]

How to Prepare for Expansion into Foreign Online Marketplaces

Global Expansion Opportunities

Global ecommerce sales are expected to maintain steady growth for the foreseeable future, which means that international expansion poses a growing opportunity for your brand’s success. But before you take your brand to Alibaba, Amazon’s international domains, and other foreign marketplaces, you need to thoroughly understand the online landscape within your target markets. Each country […]

Going Global: Expanding Your Products to a World-Wide Audience

Even with a vibrant U.S. ecommerce market, brands would benefit from looking at expanding their product reach into international marketplaces. Ecommerce worldwide is growing at a rate of 20% year over year, and 2017 projects to be the first year where it reaches 10% of total retail sales. Amazon’s focus on global marketplace expansion has […]