How to Switch from Amazon Vendor Central to Seller Central

Switch from Vendor Central to Seller Central

Table of Contents Why Shift from Vendor Central to Seller Central? If you currently wholesale to Amazon Retail in Vendor Central, why would you consider switching to Seller Central? Sellers Have More Control For most brands that come to ponder this question, the answer lies in control. They want more control over their brand’s representation, pricing, margins, marketing strategy, and customer experience. Amazon Retail […]

Intro to Amazon Sales Tax for Non-U.S. Sellers

Intro to Amazon Sales Tax for Non-U.S. Sellers

Nearly half of all sellers on Amazon’s U.S. marketplace are non-domestic. It makes sense that sellers from other countries desire entrance into Amazon’s U.S. market, given that the U.S. itself is one of the largest consumer markets in the world, and Amazon is the largest online marketplace within the U.S. In many ways, Amazon can serve as a gateway to the U.S. market for non-U.S. brands. Expanding into the U.S. […]

Amazon Brand Protection Strategies to Stop Counterfeit & Unauthorized Sellers

Counterfeit sellers pose a growing threat to consumers and brands, especially in ecommerce. According to a January 2020 report by the Department of Homeland Security, there were $509 billion worth of counterfeit goods flowing through international trade in 2016. The rise in international counterfeit trade, which was made easier through the growth of ecommerce, is expected […]

Amazon Fair Pricing Policy: Which Marketplaces Does Amazon Price Match?

Dollar with Amazon logo for Amazon's pricing policy

For sellers on Amazon, price matching may initially be a confusing subject. In the traditional sense, pricing matching is when shoppers can show a seller that a given product is available for less in another store, and ask the seller to match that price. Amazon does not do this. However, as sellers, we know that doesn’t quite capture the full story. While Amazon may not offer price matching on […]

Selling on Amazon: 3 Questions to Ask Before Working with Third-Party Sellers (3Ps)

Amazon third-party seller

On Amazon, third-party sellers (commonly referred to as “3P sellers”) are any company selling on Amazon’s marketplace other than Amazon itself. Amazon owns its marketplace, so Amazon is a “first-party” seller, while everyone else is a “third-party.” You can divide Amazon third-party sellers into two main subcategories: private label sellers and retailers. By private label, […]

Amazon Product Review Comments Disabled: A Four-Step Approach to Brand-building Insights

Update: In June 2021, Amazon started allowing sellers with Brand Registry to send direct, templated messages to buyers that left a critical review. To learn more about this update and its implications, check out this blog post. In December 2020, Amazon announced that it was disabling product review comments, the feature that allowed shoppers and […]

Selling Toys & Games on Amazon: Category Overview

Toys & Games strategy

If there’s one thing people will always have an appetite for, it’s entertainment. 2020 saw that appetite grow even stronger as COVID-19 forced millions to adapt to virtual learning, remote work, and social distancing. Whether it was to alleviate boredom, reduce anxiety, or just have fun, the Toys & Games category on Amazon boomed in the […]

How to Minimize Amazon Seller Fees & Costs to Maximize Net Profit Margin

How to Minimize Amazon Seller Fees

Table of Contents Amazon Seller Fees Erode Margins Amazon fees have steadily climbed over the years, eating into profit margins. Many of these costs rose even higher in 2020 as the pandemic triggered supply shortages and shipping delays across industries. If you’re finding that your profit margins are narrowing, you’re not alone. But while misery loves […]

5 Ways to Get Reviews on Amazon

Prevent Negative Amazon Reviews

Are you ready to improve search rankings and increase sales for your Amazon products? Getting more reviews is an important piece of any Amazon growth strategy. After all, the recency and relevancy of your reviews impact your Amazon rankings. Shoppers look to reviews for social proof. Reviews also let you know exactly how your products […]

Amazon Bans Chinese Sellers Mpow, Aukey, Others for Fake Amazon Reviews

Marketplace Pulse reported that Amazon has suspended over a dozen Chinese sellers for using banned review generation tactics. The act is particularly notable due to the brands’ size: Together, their annual sales on Amazon exceed $1 billion. Banned Brands Atmoko Aukey Austor Homasy Homitt HOMTECH LITOM Mpow OKMEE OMORC Seneo Tacklife TopElek TRODEEM VicTsing Vtin And others These brands operated in multiple Amazon marketplaces and were […]

Webinar: How to Stop Counterfeit Sellers from Stealing Your Profits, with VantageBP

Unauthorized and counterfeit sellers are one of the most damaging and challenging issues brands face when selling on Amazon. This problem has become so great that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) even published a 54-page report about the issue in January 2020. The report states that between 2005 and 2016, international trade of counterfeit goods rose from $200 […]

Amazon Vendor Central: How Vendors can Maintain Pricing Control

Brands selling on Amazon can choose to sell wholesale to Amazon’s first-party seller division, Amazon Retail (1P). At first glance, the prospect of working directly with Amazon sounds ideal. They own the platform, so they’ll provide the most value. As is often the case, the reality is a bit different. Too often, the vendor experience is frustrating one as Amazon makes unilateral decisions that go against the brand’s […]