How Amazon Duplicate Listings Affect Seller Accounts

Image of a laptop showing Amazon duplicate product listings.

Table of Contents Amazon has an almost singular goal: to connect consumers with the products they are looking for as efficiently as possible. Amazon duplicate product listings hinder this goal by clogging up search results and making it more difficult for customers to decide which of the identical listings to choose from. This is why […]

Amazon Product Safety: Are They Doing Enough?

Image of Kaspien's Director of Compliance, Jed Nelsen, an expert in risk management and Amazon product safety

Table of Contents This weekend I stumbled across an editorial titled, “What You Don’t Know About Amazon” in the New York Times. The article starts with a story of an Amazon customer who received a defective product and struggled to get compensation for serious harm because it was purchased from a third-party (3P) seller in […]

The State of Amazon: 2022 Report

The State of Amazon 2022 Report by Kaspien and Sellzone

A collaboration of Kaspien and Sellzone. Learn about changes in Amazon sales, marketing, traffic, and competitive positioning and review the biggest Amazon news in 2021. Plus predictions and tips from a dozen Amazon experts for 2022

Online Brand Protection

Brand Protection eBook

Unauthorized and counterfeit sellers are one of the most damaging and challenging issues brands face when selling on Amazon. If you’re selling on Amazon, you need a brand protection strategy to earn and retain consumer trust.