How to Build an Amazon Brand Store that Sells

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Table of Contents Imagine walking into your favorite store: maybe it’s a sleek, minimalist Apple store, a modern, elegant Williams Sonoma, or an eclectic, bohemian Anthropologie. Each offers a different sensory experience, and each one is unique from the others. Your Amazon brand store is no different. Benefits of an Amazon Brand Store Not only […]

What is OTT Advertising?

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Table of Contents What is OTT Advertising? OTT stands for “over-the-top” and, according to Amazon, represents any content that is delivered directly to viewers via a streaming video service over the Internet. OTT advertising, therefore, is a form of video advertising delivered directly to viewers through their streaming devices, including smart phones, iPads, or connected […]

Does Subscribe and Save Make Sense for Your Brand?

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Table of Contents What is Subscribe and Save? Amazon’s Subscribe and Save option allows shoppers to choose a subscription-based plan for a particular product, automatically placing a new order for that product after a given time interval. This option makes a lot of sense for consumables like diapers, water filters, and groceries. As with many e-commerce […]

Amazon Brand Stores

How to Build an Amazon Brand Store

In this webinar, we’ll discuss which metrics to track, how to to set performance-based goals, what actions boost conversions, and how to know if your efforts are working.

Hiring an Amazon Marketing Agency

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Table of Contents At Kaspien, we know a few tips about Amazon marketing (we, ahem, wrote the book on it). Yet we still talk to brands every day who are struggling with their e-commerce marketing and looking for something that can help them increase sales on Amazon. We wanted to take a moment to discuss the purpose […]

How to Analyze Your Amazon Competitors

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Table of Contents Consumers compare your products side-by-side with powerhouse brands before making the decision to buy. Frankly, so should you. Only when you understand what you are up against in your own aisle will you be able to elevate your listing above your Amazon competitors A competitive analysis unearths what your competition is best […]

Protect Your Brand on Amazon

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Table of Contents In October of 2021, Rueters published an article accusing Amazon of copying top-selling products, then manipulating the search results to promote these product in India, one of the fastest-growing markets at the time. While Amazon denies these allegations, the fact is they do have access to a trove of proprietary data, and […]

Dropshipping Amazon Orders for Vendor Central

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Table of Contents In the past few years, many companies were forced to diversify their fulfillment options due to inventory issues and supply chain problems. Having a seller central account and using third-party (3P) logistics offered brands more control and diversity, including the option of dropshipping Amazon-sold products. But what about brands who utilize Vendor Central? Are these […]

Amazon Product Safety: Are They Doing Enough?

Image of Kaspien's Director of Compliance, Jed Nelsen, an expert in risk management and Amazon product safety

Table of Contents This weekend I stumbled across an editorial titled, “What You Don’t Know About Amazon” in the New York Times. The article starts with a story of an Amazon customer who received a defective product and struggled to get compensation for serious harm because it was purchased from a third-party (3P) seller in […]

Where Did Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Go?

Table of Contents Long-time sellers on Amazon know the only constant on this fast-growing marketplace is change. In November of 2016 Amazon provided brand registered sellers with a new feature they called Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) – and it changed the game.   What is Enhanced Brand Content?  With the advent of Enhanced Brand Content, the […]

You Should Be Brand Bidding on Amazon

If you’re not bidding on your own branded keywords as part of your Amazon Advertising, you’re leaving a gaping hole for your competitors to step in.