How to Win the Amazon Buy Box in 2021

How to Win the Amazon Buy Box

Table of Contents Why Have My Amazon Sales Dropped? If you’re asking this question, one of the first things you should check on is if there are other sellers in your Amazon listing. If so, are they occupying the buy box? Were they before? If there weren’t other sellers in the listing before, or they weren’t winning the buy […]

Amazon Announces Returns Performance Dashboard for Seller-Fulfilled Orders

Amazon Returns Performance Dashboard

Table of Contents Seller-Fulfilled Orders Now Monitored for Returns Performance On September 2nd, Amazon announced a new feature for seller-fulfilled returns: the Returns Performance Dashboard. The dashboard will track three key metrics for product returns: Return requests approved in less than 24 hours Total declined return requests Return-related buyer contact rate Amazon’s announcement also states that each […]

How to Use Amazon FBM to Strengthen Your Amazon Supply Chain

Use Amazon FBM to Strengthen Your Amazon Supply Chain

Table of Contents Amazon FBM Helps Overcome Ongoing Supply Chain Problems Amazon FBM is the solution for sellers struggling to overcome Amazon’s persistent. These issues have been a constant topic of discussion since the onset of the global pandemic, and for good reason. They pervade every link of the chain, from the first mile to […]

Should You Hire an Amazon Vendor Central Agency?

Amazon Vendor Central Agency

Table of Contents Should you hire an Amazon Vendor Central agency? Is it worth it? Well, the honest answer is, it depends. For some vendors, it’s absolutely worth the cost. For others, maybe not. The goal of this post is to offer guidance on when hiring an Amazon Vendor Central agency is worthwhile for your business. What is Vendor […]

Amazon Affiliate Program: What Sellers Need To Know about Amazon Associates

Amazon Affiliate Program

What is the Amazon Affiliate Program? The Amazon Affiliate Program, also called “Amazon Associates,” is one of the largest affiliate programs online, allowing content creators, publishers, and bloggers the opportunity to monetize their content. After signing up for the free program, creators receive links they can publish and promote to their followers. When a sale is made through their individualized link, the affiliates […]

How to Craft Your Influencer Marketing Strategy by Product Category

Influencer Marketing Strategy

For both brands primarily in ecommerce and those primarily in brick and mortar, influencer marketing is becoming a more prevalent aspect of social marketing strategy. Influencer marketing allows companies the opportunity to reach a large audience with their inbound strategy and utilizes relationships to market their products.   When you think of an influencer, you may think of someone who is young and primarily promotes beauty and/or lifestyle content. […]

How to Dominate Amazon with Email Marketing

Email marketing for Amazon

Email marketing is a tried and true way to engage with your customers. In fact, it’s one of the most successful forms of digital marketing out there. But even if you’ve been using email for quite some time now on your website or blog, you may not be leveraging email marketing to its full potential […]

How to Capitalize on the Marketplace Boom by Aligning Sales and Fulfillment

Multi Marketplace Sales Fulfillment

Marketplace sales are booming. According to Statista, 63% of consumers start their search on Amazon, 25% on other marketplaces, and only 21% on the brands’ websites. Consumers prefer to shop on marketplaces over brand websites for several reasons, including the availability of fast and free shipping, customer reviews, and easy price comparisons, and hassle-free returns. […]

100+ Tips for Mastering Amazon Marketing

Amazon Marketing Tips

100+ Data-backed Amazon Marketing Strategies to Improve Organic & Paid Marketing Performance  Digital marketing can significantly improve sales growth on Amazon. This reality has led to fierce competition, raising the question: What are the most effective tactics for each marketing tool?   In a new eBook, we approach that question in two ways:   What are the […]

How to Switch from Amazon Vendor Central to Seller Central

Switch from Vendor Central to Seller Central

Table of Contents If you currently wholesale to Amazon Retail in Vendor Central, why would you consider switching to Seller Central? Sellers Have More Control For most brands that come to ponder this question, the answer lies in control. They want more control over their brand’s representation, pricing, margins, marketing strategy, and customer experience. Amazon Retail is known for not accepting increased wholesale prices […]

Why You Need an Influencer Marketing Strategy for Amazon

Influencer Marketing Strategy for Amazon

Why an Influencer Marketing Strategy Is Important Why should you bother with an influencer marketing strategy for Amazon? The short answer is that it helps your brand generate awareness, build trust, and drive additional traffic to Amazon. But let’s unpack this a bit more. Influencer Marketing Has a Long History Influencer marketing existed long before […]

How to Get the Amazon Choice Badge on Your Amazon Listings

What is the Amazon Choice Badge?   The original Amazon Choice badge was exclusively for orders that came through Amazon Echo. This was because the Amazon Echo needed a way to distinguish which products to choose for the customer. For example, there are thousands of different toothbrush brands on, but when a customer orders a “toothbrush” through Amazon Echo, it needed a logical method to choose the […]