How Amazon Vine Can Help Sellers Grow

Hand placing a fifth star on a phone screen.

Table of Contents The presence of ratings and reviews is one of the most important attributes of the online shopping experience, second only to search and navigation. Features, benefits, and high-quality images and videos will only get you so far: shoppers look for reviews as social proof. Amazon understands this completely. One might even argue […]

Amazon Account Health Updates

Yellow Amazon arrow on a purple background with checkboxes below indicating the steps to monitor performance and account health.

Table of Contents It is impossible to do well on Amazon without a healthy account. Amazon wants the best possible shopping experience for its customers, holding sellers to high standards to achieve this goal. Violating any of Amazon’s policies negatively affects your Amazon account health, leading to listing suppression and in some cases suspension. In […]

How to Use Targeted Advertising to Build Effective Campaigns

A shopper on their phone seeing Sponsored Display Ads through targeted advertising

Table of Contents The goal of every marketer is to put the right ads in front of the right customers at the right time. Gigantic online markets like Amazon contain a staggering number of competitors all trying to sell similar products. This makes it incredibly difficult to reach your customers with normal ad campaigns. Targeted […]

4 Keys for Sustainable Business Growth

Upward arrow on a graph to denote business growth online.

Table of Contents One of the hardest things to do in today’s online marketplace is grow a brand in a sustainable way. Most strategies either feel slow and plodding or risky and uncertain, and while ‘slow and steady’ wins the race, even the most steady-handed brand owners will occasionally put everything on the line in […]

5 Questions to Ask Before A Keyword Test

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Table of Contents Amazon recently rolled out new features to help brands improve conversions using A/B or split testing. Under the Manage Your Experiments section, you will now find two new Keyword Test Features. The first is a Title and Image notifications feature that will automatically inform you if a proposed keyword test is too […]

E-Commerce Marketing: How to Grab Attention

Laptop screen with e-commerce marketing icons shining out of the screen in a beam of light.

Table of Contents Ever ignore a check engine light only to have black smoke suddenly start pouring out from under the hood of your car? Even if this hasn’t happened to you personally, it’s fair to say such an event would grab your attention. Most E-commerce marketing campaigns are like those little lights on your […]

4 Ways to Improve Your Amazon Conversion Rate

Phone screen featuring a row of coins and an Amazon logo with a hand making a selection to suggest conversion rate.

Table of Contents Amazon’s business model created a massive and loyal customer base by following one rule: make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for. Although this approach seems simple enough, Amazon’s conversion rate remains exceptionally high compared to other online retailers. In this blog post, we explore 4 ways you can […]

Webinar-Creating Sustainable Growth

Boring is Good: Creating Sustainable Growth with Kaspien Kaspien has a deep appreciation of how difficult it is to grow a brand online in a sustainable way. We’ve been through major ups and downs over the past 13 years and know from experience that chasing revenue with the hopes of future profits can be risky. As a result, […]

Webinar-2022 Mid-Year Review

Surviving the E-Commerce Roller Coaster webinar, image of magnifying glass with an Amazon logo over a roller coaster with shopping carts.

Tips to Survive the E‑Commerce Roller Coaster With high hopes for a rebound and recovery mired in ongoing uncertainty, slow supply chain recovery, and unprecedented Prime Day sales, 2022 has already been a roller coaster of a year. In this webinar, our experts analyze the big moments of 2022 and discuss ways to strategize for […]

How Amazon Duplicate Listings Affect Seller Accounts

Image of a laptop showing Amazon duplicate product listings.

Table of Contents Amazon has an almost singular goal: to connect consumers with the products they are looking for as efficiently as possible. Amazon duplicate product listings hinder this goal by clogging up search results and making it more difficult for customers to decide which of the identical listings to choose from. This is why […]

Review of Amazon Prime Day 2022

magnifying glass reviewing a Prime Day screen

Table of Contents Amazon Prime Days 2022 was another record-breaking event. According to an early analysis by Digital Commerce 360, Amazon generated an estimated $12.09 billion in sales this year, up 8.1% from the $11.9 billion for the same event in 2021, which was a 7.7% increase from the prior year. This shows that the […]

Use E-Commerce Returns to Drive Growth

Brown box with an orange arrow denoting e-commerce returns

Table of Contents As we mentioned in our recent post on protecting profits, e-commerce returns can quickly cut into profit margins and negatively impact customer satisfaction and loyalty. Yet as costly as they may be, returns – and how you handle them – are an opportunity to connect with customers and build brand integrity. Proper management […]