Ep. 40: How Retail Commerce is Changing In 2022

Consumers have realized that their brands can be found across different platforms, including Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, and online marketplaces, shifting the dynamic of Brick and Mortar’s businesses. So what should retail businesses do during this transition? This week, we talk to Nicole Silberstein, Ecommerce Editor at Retail TouchPoints and retail e-commerce expert, to talk about the changing […]

Maximize Profits by Split Testing Your Amazon Listing Optimizations

Two mobile phones with A and B inside to represent split testing

Table of Contents Experimenting with Amazon Listing Optimization Your Amazon listing content is arguably the most important element of your success on Amazon. But optimizing product listings is not easy. Striking the perfect balance between keyword-rich copy and compelling content that speaks to consumers takes a lot of trial-and-error. This is where split testing comes […]

Are Shopify Websites Worthwhile?

Are Shopify Websites Worthwhile? Are Shopify websites worthwhile, or are you better served by selling exclusively on marketplaces like Amazon? If you sell through your own website, how do you get the most value out of it?  We teamed up with Cahoot, an e-commerce fulfillment company, and Boogie Board, the maker of wildly successful digital […]

Amazon Business Strategy in 2022: Key Insights from Annual Report

2021 in Review

Table of Contents Key Insights to Guide Your Amazon Business Strategy  Good decisions require good data. In that spirit, we collaborated with Sellzone to create a comprehensive report that analyzes the biggest Amazon news and trends from 2021, then predicts how they will shape 2022. By gaining a better understanding of the marketplace’s direct, sellers will be better equipped to plan their Amazon business strategy.  Unless […]

The State of Amazon: 2022 Report

The State of Amazon 2022 Report by Kaspien and Sellzone

The State of Amazon 2022 Report A collaboration of Kaspien and Sellzone What’s Inside? Infographics covering changes in Amazon sales, marketing, traffic, and competitive positioning  Review of the biggest Amazon news in 2021 Predictions and tips from a dozen Amazon experts for 2022 Download the Report You’ll receive an email with the eBook immediately after […]

Why Do Marketers Need Amazon PPC Software? 

Amazon advertising software dashboard inside laptop screen

Table of Contents Amazon Advertising is Growing  Brands that take advantage of Amazon’s marketing tools can see incredible results. Take this Toys brand, for example: They hired Kaspien to run Amazon ad campaigns, and we delivered, growing sales nearly $5 million at less than 9% advertising cost of sale (ACOS). What’s even more impressive is […]

Ep. 39: B2B: The Billion Dollar E-Commerce Industry

Looking to grow your B2B business? Then you’ll want to know exactly where to focus your efforts and the biggest mistakes to avoid. This week, we chat with Brian Beck, a B2B commerce expert, author of Billion Dollar B2B Ecommerce, and partner manager at Enceiba. After launching and developing multiple e-commerce brands, Brian shares his […]

Explore our Award-Winning Amazon PPC Software

AdManager Wins MarTech Breakthrough Award

SOFTWARE AUTOMATION FOR AMAZON SPONSORED PRODUCTS Digital marketing is one of the most effective and reliable ways to drive sales growth on Amazon. Because marketing on Amazon has proven so effective, more and more brands are choosing to invest in it, which in turn saturates the marketplace and increases average costs. To continue maximizing sales […]

How to Deliver Quality Customer Service on Amazon 

Man sitting at desk

The following tips will show you what customer service mistakes commonly made selling on Amazon, what you can do to course correct, how you can maximize your brand reputation, and how you can offer ongoing customer support for years to come. There are already a number of software and services on Amazon designed to help […]

How to Stop Knock Off Products on Amazon

How to Stop Knockoff Products on Amazon

Table of Contents Knock Off Products are a Common Challenge One of the most frustrating experiences is when someone else takes credit for your work. On Amazon, this manifests as another company creating a copycat, knock off, or downright counterfeit of your product. To make matters worse, they often do so while undercutting your pricing […]

Ep. 38: Trends You Should Know if You’re a Seller on Amazon

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pDj36DiuQw Chris McCabe is a former Amazonian and the founder of ecommerceChris, a company that helps Amazon sellers reinstate suspended listings and seller accounts. In this episode, Chris shares about his years as a Seller Performance Investigator at Amazon, and how he used that knowledge to create ecommerceChris. Kunal and Chris discuss why Amazon suspends […]

Amazon Q3 Earnings Analysis: Ecommerce Tailwinds Dissipate 

Amazon Q3 Earnings Analysis

For the first time in its history, Amazon reported negative Q2-to-Q3 growth, with Amazon Q3 earnings showing decreases to both top line and bottom line performance year-over-year. The disappointing results were followed by a 4.3% drop in shares.  Overview  Net sales increased 15% YoY to $110.8B compared to $96.1B in Q3 2020  Operating cash flow decreased 1% for the trailing twelve months  […]