How to Use Targeted Advertising to Build Effective Campaigns

A shopper on their phone seeing Sponsored Display Ads through targeted advertising

Table of Contents The goal of every marketer is to put the right ads in front of the right customers at the right time. Gigantic online markets like Amazon contain a staggering number of competitors all trying to sell similar products. This makes it incredibly difficult to reach your customers with normal ad campaigns. Targeted […]

Using Customer Segments to Boost Conversion Rates

Woman on a phone screen pointing to the heart button to indicate how customer segments build trust and loyalty.

Table of Contents In a perfect world, every customer you market to would immediately see the value of your brand and your products. In reality, different customers have different needs, different means, and different motivations. This is why it is so important for online sellers to identify unique customer segments. The unique messaging and services […]

E-Commerce Marketing: How to Grab Attention

Laptop screen with e-commerce marketing icons shining out of the screen in a beam of light.

Table of Contents Ever ignore a check engine light only to have black smoke suddenly start pouring out from under the hood of your car? Even if this hasn’t happened to you personally, it’s fair to say such an event would grab your attention. Most E-commerce marketing campaigns are like those little lights on your […]

Use E-Commerce Returns to Drive Growth

Brown box with an orange arrow denoting e-commerce returns

Table of Contents As we mentioned in our recent post on protecting profits, e-commerce returns can quickly cut into profit margins and negatively impact customer satisfaction and loyalty. Yet as costly as they may be, returns – and how you handle them – are an opportunity to connect with customers and build brand integrity. Proper management […]

What is OTT Advertising?

Two people sitting on a couch in front of a TV featuring OTT ads.

Table of Contents What is OTT Advertising? OTT stands for “over-the-top” and, according to Amazon, represents any content that is delivered directly to viewers via a streaming video service over the Internet. OTT advertising, therefore, is a form of video advertising delivered directly to viewers through their streaming devices, including smart phones, iPads, or connected […]

Amazon Brand Stores

How to Build an Amazon Brand Store

In this webinar, we’ll discuss which metrics to track, how to to set performance-based goals, what actions boost conversions, and how to know if your efforts are working.

How to Analyze Your Amazon Competitors

The words, "How to Conduct an Amazon Competitor Analysis" in white on a purple background.

Table of Contents Consumers compare your products side-by-side with powerhouse brands before making the decision to buy. Frankly, so should you. Only when you understand what you are up against in your own aisle will you be able to elevate your listing above your Amazon competitors A competitive analysis unearths what your competition is best […]

Protect Your Brand on Amazon

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Table of Contents In October of 2021, Rueters published an article accusing Amazon of copying top-selling products, then manipulating the search results to promote these product in India, one of the fastest-growing markets at the time. While Amazon denies these allegations, the fact is they do have access to a trove of proprietary data, and […]