100+ Tips for Mastering Amazon Marketing

Amazon Marketing Tips

100+ Data-backed Amazon Marketing Strategies to Improve Organic & Paid Marketing Performance  Digital marketing can significantly improve sales growth on Amazon. This reality has led to fierce competition, raising the question: What are the most effective tactics for each marketing tool?   In a new eBook, we approach that question in two ways:   What are the […]

AdManager Wins 2021 MarTech Breakthrough Award in Marketing Automation Innovation Category

AdManager Wins MarTech Breakthrough Award

Kaspien Awarded MarTech Innovation Award for Amazon Ad Management Software Today, we’re delighted to announce that our Amazon advertising software, AdManager, has won the “Marketing Automation Innovation Award” in the fourth annual MarTech Breakthrough Awards. AdManager won in a particularly competitive year, with this year’s program attracting more than 2,850 nominations from over 17 different countries throughout the world. About MarTech The award program […]

Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP): How to Use Programmatic Advertising on Amazon

Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP) Advertising

Table of Contents As Amazon becomes more crowded and traditional Amazon advertising becomes more expensive, leading brands are seeking ways to distinguish themselves. One such method is programmatic advertising. In Amazon’s case, this is the Amazon Demand Side Platform or Amazon DSP. What is Programmatic Advertising? Programmatic advertising simply means using automation – a program, […]

Myth-Busting the Amazon A10 Algorithm: How Amazon Product Ranking Works

Myth-busting the Amazon A10 Algorithm

In late 2019, the Wall Street Journal reported that Amazon had changed its A9 algorithm to favor its own brands. By mid 2020, Amazon-focused businesses, including software providers, Amazon agencies, and third-party sellers, started posting articles about an “A10” Amazon algorithm, although they described different changes than the WSJ article. Blog posts about the A10 algorithm […]

Amazon Advertising Guide to Sponsored Product Ads

Amazon Sponsored Products Overview

Amazon is becoming increasingly saturated and competitive, and so too is the importance of Amazon advertising. There are a variety of ways companies can advertise on Amazon, including Sponsored Product Ads, Sponsored Brand Ads, Sponsored Brand Video Ads, Sponsored Display Ads, and Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP). Each plays an important role in a brand’s Amazon success. Kaspien’s Digital Marketing Manager, Jeremy Rossow, stressed the importance of Amazon ads: Having […]

How to Overcome Rising Amazon Ad Costs in 2021

How to Keep Ad Costs Low

Amazon Ads are Getting More Expensive On June 9, 2021, Marketplace Pulse published an analysis of Amazon advertising in 2020 and 2021. They found that the average cost-per-click (CPC) is up 50% year-over-year and up 30% since the start of the year. Likewise, the average advertising cost of sale (ACOS) up 36% year-over-year and up 20% since the start of the year. […]

Amazon Prime Day 2021: Deadlines & Marketing Strategies

When is Amazon Prime Day this Year? UPDATE – Amazon Prime Day will be June 21-22, according to Bloomberg. Amazon has not yet announced the exact dates for Prime Day, but it is reportedly scheduled for June this year. An Amazon source also stated to Kaspien that June will be the likely date. While normally held in July, Prime Day […]

Amazon Strategy Guide: Creating a Unified SEO & Sponsored Ads Amazon Strategy

Amazon SEO Advertising

The two cornerstones of Amazon marketing are search engine optimization (SEO) and paid sponsored advertising. Combining both efforts is a crucial strategy for growth on Amazon. In this blog post, we’ll explain how SEO and search marketing works on Amazon and how the two can be combined to improve overall results. Amazon Search Engine Optimization Overview […]

Amazon Advertising Guide: Sponsored Brand Ads & Sponsored Brand Videos

According to Amazon, 69% of customer searches on Amazon don’t include a brand name. That means that most shoppers are still in the consideration phase and have not yet decided which product to buy. Of the shoppers that do use branded search terms, 25% do so for multiple brands while shopping, indicating that they have narrowed their list but are still in the consideration phase. Amazon advertising is a […]

Kaspien Adds Day Parting to Amazon Advertising Software

We are proud to announce that Day Parting is now available in our Amazon campaign management software, AdManager. Day Parting enables Amazon advertisers to schedule pay-per-click (PPC) ads to run only during the days and times that deliver the best results. The Day Parting feature also displays performance results for multiple key metrics broken out by day and time, helping guide users’ strategy. AdManager is one of the […]

Amazon Advertising 101: Search Term Optimization & Bid Optimization

The Role of Amazon Advertising If you sell on Amazon, you need to utilize Amazon advertising. In today’s era, Amazon has too many sellers and too many products for you to expect success without investing in marketing. But, don’t think of Amazon advertising as an obligation; it’s an opportunity. Kaspien grew Amazon advertising sales 55% year-on-year in 2020 while simultaneously dropping […]

3 Ways to Tailor Your Amazon Marketing Strategy for the Pet Supplies Category

A Chow Chow Wearing Sunglasses and a Kitten

The Pet Supplies category is an emotions category – shoppers buy with their emotions and justify with logic. The joy that comes from delighting a beloved pet or the fierce protectiveness that comes when thinking of their safety – these are grounding factors that must guide your marketing strategy for the Pet Supplies category. Pet Owners Seek Trustworthy Brands Shoppers […]