Should You Hire an Amazon Vendor Central Agency?

Amazon Vendor Central Agency

Table of Contents Should you hire an Amazon Vendor Central agency? Is it worth it? Well, the honest answer is, it depends. For some vendors, it’s absolutely worth the cost. For others, maybe not. The goal of this post is to offer guidance on when hiring an Amazon Vendor Central agency is worthwhile for your business. What is Vendor […]

How to Switch from Amazon Vendor Central to Seller Central

Switch from Vendor Central to Seller Central

Table of Contents If you currently wholesale to Amazon Retail in Vendor Central, why would you consider switching to Seller Central? Sellers Have More Control For most brands that come to ponder this question, the answer lies in control. They want more control over their brand’s representation, pricing, margins, marketing strategy, and customer experience. Amazon Retail is known for not accepting increased wholesale prices […]

AdManager Wins 2021 MarTech Breakthrough Award in Marketing Automation Innovation Category

AdManager Wins MarTech Breakthrough Award

Kaspien Awarded MarTech Innovation Award for Amazon Ad Management Software Today, we’re delighted to announce that our Amazon advertising software, AdManager, has won the “Marketing Automation Innovation Award” in the fourth annual MarTech Breakthrough Awards. AdManager won in a particularly competitive year, with this year’s program attracting more than 2,850 nominations from over 17 different countries throughout the world. About MarTech The award program […]

Increase Amazon Sales Beyond $1 Million: Common Mistakes that Cause a Sales Plateau

Amazon Product Review Comments Disabled

There are certain milestones in an Amazon business’s lifecycle, one of the most thrilling of which is breaking $1 million in annual Amazon sales for the first time. However, that milestone can also become a plateau. Doing the basics well has brought you here, but to climb further, the basics will no longer suffice. What does […]

Amazon Vendor Central: How Vendors can Maintain Pricing Control

Brands selling on Amazon can choose to sell wholesale to Amazon’s first-party seller division, Amazon Retail (1P). At first glance, the prospect of working directly with Amazon sounds ideal. They own the platform, so they’ll provide the most value. As is often the case, the reality is a bit different. Too often, the vendor experience is frustrating one as Amazon makes unilateral decisions that go against the brand’s […]

Kaspien Adds Day Parting to Amazon Advertising Software

We are proud to announce that Day Parting is now available in our Amazon campaign management software, AdManager. Day Parting enables Amazon advertisers to schedule pay-per-click (PPC) ads to run only during the days and times that deliver the best results. The Day Parting feature also displays performance results for multiple key metrics broken out by day and time, helping guide users’ strategy. AdManager is one of the […]

Key Changes to Amazon that will Shape 2021 Brand Strategy

Amazon is never idle, but after a global pandemic, the ecommerce leviathan is experiencing one of its most intense growth phases yet. Snapshot: The State of Amazon 38% Growth in annual net sales 66% Growth in annual advertising revenue 1.3M sellers joined Amazon in 2020 19 Countries with Amazon marketplaces $3 Billion invested in Amazon brand acquirers as of March 2021 “S-Team” Changes […]

Amazon Retailer vs Amazon Agency: Which is the Better Financial Fit?

Amazon Agency vs Amazon Retail

Expansion into Ecommerce has Accelerated Before 2020, ecommerce had been steadily growing its share of all retail. But when the coronavirus hit and countries around the world issues stay-at-home orders, it forced consumers and businesses to turn to online sales channels in numbers never seen before. As a result, we’ve seen an acceleration in brand and consumer adoption of ecommerce. Road Bumps Along […]

Amazon Clarifies Buyer-Seller Messaging Rules in Communications Policy Update

On September 8th, Amazon announced updates to its communications policy. The update clarifies what buyer-selling communication is permitted by Amazon’s policies, something that was previously ambiguous at best. The update is intended to reduce the number and improve the quality of emails Amazon shoppers receive in the interest of improving the Amazon buying experience. Biggest Takeaways: Sellers can ask buyers […]

Introducing Kaspien – etailz Rebrands to Launch Next Era of Growth for Partners

etailz rebrands to Kaspien

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we have rebranded from “etailz” to “Kaspien.” Our parent company, Trans World Entertainment, has also rebranded to Kaspien Holdings, consolidating the two brands into Kaspien. Even more important than streamlining the corporate structure, this rebrand also reflects the next era of our journey. Our company has been evolving ever since our founding in 2008. We grew from a niche third-party seller of eco-friendly products into a top […]

Five Reasons Your Brand Should Be On Amazon, Even If You Don’t Want To Be

Originally published in the Forbes Technology Council. Read the article here. Despite its incredible growth and undeniable popularity with consumers, I’ve noticed that some brands are hesitant or even outright opposed to the idea of selling their products on Amazon. With major brands like Birkenstocks and Nike having pulled their products off Amazon, these brand owners […]

How to Find an Amazon Advertising Agency That Will Deliver Results

Is your Amazon advertising agency delivering results?

Amazon advertising represents one of the most cost-effective tools to advertise products. Experienced sellers and marketers know that every opportunity you get to optimize your ad spend and keywords is a way to increase your bottom line. This means it’s extremely important to manage your Amazon ads properly. Due to the time and complexity of ad management, many businesses outsource their Amazon advertising […]