Kaspien Adds Day Parting to Amazon Advertising Software

We are proud to announce that Day Parting is now available in our Amazon campaign management software, AdManager. Day Parting enables Amazon advertisers to schedule pay-per-click (PPC) ads to run only during the days and times that deliver the best results. The Day Parting feature also displays performance results for multiple key metrics broken out by day and time, helping guide users’ strategy. AdManager is one of the […]

AdManager, Amazon PPC Management Software, Releases Four New Features

Amazon PPC Management Software

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of a new suite of features for our Amazon PPC management software, AdManager. The new features include: Automated search term optimization Automated budget optimization to maximize profitability An Out of Budget table that recommends ideal budgets A new “4 Campaign Build” option for campaign creation All these features are being added for free for existing users […]

Meet Kaspien’s Amazon PPC Management Software, AdManager

etailz AdManager is your marketer who never sleeps

We recently launched Kaspien AdManager, software for Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) ad management. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we sat down with our AdManager experts to discuss some of the most pertinent questions, like “What is AdManager?” and “What makes it better than other Amazon ad management software?” You’ve asked. We’ve answered. Find all the juicy details below. What is Kaspien AdManager? AdManager […]

How to Create a Sustainable Amazon Advertising Campaign

How to create a sustainable Amazon advertising campaign

Running an Amazon ads campaign is exciting. Working to get a low ad-cost-of-sale (ACoS) and high sales is a challenging but rewarding task. We can speak to this with some authority. Kaspien has been doing this with our Amazon sponsored products for 12 years, and we’ve become quite adept along the way. In 2019, Kaspien generated over $1.5MM in ad sales at a hyper-sustainable ACoS of 6% for […]

How Statistics Can Help Optimize Your Search Marketing Campaigns

Amazon Keyword Analysis for Sponsored Product Ads

As a search marketer, it’s critical that you understand how each individual keyword is performing, and one key indicator of performance is keyword distribution. By graphing your keyword distribution, you can discern if your bank of keywords is too narrow or too broad, helping you refine your Amazon marketing strategy. Two statistics that are particularly […]

Amazon Releases Three New Features for Sponsored Ads

Amazon Updates Sponsored Products & Sponsored Brands Amazon recently released two new features for Sponsored Product ads that will drastically improve the visibility into advertising performance: Search Terms Insights and History. Search Terms Insights allows advertisers to view the search terms that shoppers are entering in the Amazon search bar and which keywords they’re […]

Kaspien Launches Amazon Ad Manager Software Beta

Amazon search marketing just got a whole lot easier. We’re proud to announce the beta launch of our self-service Amazon ad management software, Kaspien AdManager. AdManager is designed by marketers for marketers, drawing on over 11 years of ecommerce marketing experience to create our dream tool. We’ve spent years building, using, and refining AdManager internally to run our partners’ […]

How Relevant Are You? The Art and Science of Amazon Search

How Relevant Are You?

All ecommerce sellers recognize the importance of placement on Amazon’s search results page. But recognizing the importance and understanding the factors behind a product’s placement are two very different things. In ecommerce, the factors that determine a product’s placement are summarized in the word “relevancy.” A product with high relevancy is much more likely to […]

Meet AdManager: Amazon Sponsored Products Campaign Automation

Introducing AdManager

Amazon Sponsored Product Ads are among the most impactful paid advertising tools in online retail. Although these ads appear only on Amazon, nearly half of US shoppers begin their shopping journey on Amazon and 73% of daily online shoppers click on products ads while browsing. Of those who click on the ad, a staggering 83% purchase the product! The problem is, […]

Amazon Advertising Best Practices: CPC Ad Overviews

UPDATED – August 5, 2021 Marketing on the Amazon platform is always evolving, but one of the few constants is the need for a solid Amazon advertising strategy. At Kaspien, we’ve seen Amazon cost-per-click (CPC) ads increase our partners’ sales by 30% on average. They’re kind of a big deal. If you want to learn […]