Over the last 12 years, we’ve developed a suite of world class software for ecommerce. Our seller tools draw on automation and artificial intelligence to rapidly and sustainably scale marketing and operations.

Retail Enhanced by Technology

Since 2008, we’ve been building and refining seller tools to automate and improve operations for marketing, finances, brand protection, inventory management, and dropship.

Amazon PPC Software

Marketing on Amazon is essential to maximize sales and grow market share, but competition is fierce. We’ve spent years developing, optimizing, and validating our Amazon PPC management software, AdManager, which now drives over $100MM per year. 

Amazon Advertising Software
Amazon Seller Reimbursements

Amazon’s fulfillment centers sometimes lose, damage, or otherwise mishandle inventory without notifying sellers. We made Channel Auditor, our FBA seller reimbursement software, to automatically detect these issues and seek reimbursement. To date, it has returned over $5MM to FBA sellers.

FBA Seller Reimbursement Software
Seller & Price Tracking

Online marketplaces such as Amazon are rife with unauthorized sellers who undercut pricing and threaten your brand’s reputation. Use our brand protection software, Perispect, to monitor pricing, identify and track sellers, enforce your MAP, and combat unauthorized sellers.

Amazon Seller Tracking Software
Dropship Optimization

Leverage our proprietary dropship software for hassle-free integration with your existing system. It offers custom transaction mapping, automated SKU creation, automated MAP-adherent repricing, and access to multiple marketplaces. And to make it even better, we can also set up a dropship integration quicker than anyone else.

Dropship Optimization Software

Integrate into Our Platform

Our platform can integrate with third-party providers through APIenabling us to continually expand our data, refine strategies, and add new services for our partners. Reach out if you’d like to discuss an integration.

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During our introduction call, we’ll start by discussing your goals and challenges so we can make sure our tools are the right fit. From there, we’ll demo the product to show how Kaspien’s software can help you achieve your goals.