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Tap into an AI-driven ecosystem of growth accelerators that’s over a decade in the making. Since 2008, we’ve been building a tech-enabled marketplace platform that protects, informs, and grows brands across today’s leading online marketplaces.

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Use Our Advanced Marketplace Technology Suite

Fueled by billions of historic data points and intelligent automation, our marketplace optimization platform drives rapid and sustainable growth for emerging and Fortune 500 brands.

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Amazon Marketing Automation

Amazon advertising grows sales and market share, but competition is fierce. We’ve spent years developing, optimizing, and validating our Amazon PPC management software, AdManager. On over $90MM in ad revenue, AdManager has averaged a hyper-efficient ACOS of 6%.

Amazon Advertising Software
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FBA Seller Reimbursement

Amazon’s fulfillment centers regularly mishandle inventory without automatically reimbursing sellers. We made Channel Auditor to proactively detect these issues and help you seek reimbursement. It has reimbursed over $5MM to sellers, recouping 2% of top line sales on average.

FBA Seller Reimbursement Software
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Seller & Price Tracking

Online marketplaces are rife with rogue sellers who undercut pricing and threaten your brand’s reputation. We created Perispect to identify and track sellers across 6 marketplaces to safeguard brand integrity. It monitors nearly 200K sellers and has identified over 30MM violations.

Amazon Seller Tracking Software
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Dropship Optimization

Offer more of your catalog, protect against out-of-stocks, and rapidly respond to unseasonal demand. Our dropship order management system enables custom transaction mapping, automated repricing, automated SKU creation, dynamic shipping cost analysis, and multiple marketplaces.

Dropship Optimization Software
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AI-Driven Inventory Forecasting

Powered by machine learning, our proprietary sales prediction model combines historical data from over $1 billion sales, industry trends, lead times, receiving times, sales velocity, and human expertise to ensure optimal inventory coverage.

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Integrate into Our Platform

Our platform can integrate with third-party providers through API, enabling us to continually expand our data, refine strategies, and add new services for our partners. Reach out if you’d like to discuss an integration.
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