Suspended Seller Account Recovery

If your seller account is suspended or terminated by Amazon, we can help you get it back. We’ve spent over a decade creating safeguards around Amazon’s policies for our own seller account. We’ll apply our learnings to help you protect your own.

Prevent Listing & Account Suspensions

Identifying the Cause

If your account is shut down, we’ll work with you to parse through Amazon’s policies and jargon to understand the root cause, including context, timing, documentation, and reference materials.

Implement a Solution

With the root issue known, we’ll help you create a short-term plan to address the issue as quickly as possible. This may include modifying product detail page content, supplying documents to Amazon, and submitting a plan of action.

Prevent Future Blocks

With a short-term fix in place, we’ll help craft a long-term strategy to ensure the same mistake doesn’t happen again.

Why are Seller Accounts Suspended?

Unsubstantiated or illegal claims made in the listing are the leading cause for seller suspensions or terminations. Other causes include late shipment rate, order defect rate, safety complaints, and review FBA Product Preparation manipulation, among others.

Benefit from Our Experience

We’ve been selling online since 2008. In those early days, we were caught off guard by Amazon’s enforcement. But we learned from our mistakes. Today, we have an expert marketplace compliance department and safeguards in place that protect our partners. We’ve learned how to effectively and proactively protect our account, and we can do the same for you.

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