Build awareness, trust, and lasting connections with online shoppers through authentic content on social media. Our talented marketers excel will create a robust social media marketing strategy tailored perfectly to your brand.


You Need a Social Media Strategy

Maintaining a friendly, relevant, and thoughtful presence on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok is essential for any CPG brand, especially now. Engaging current and potential buyers on social media is one of the easiest ways to create repeat customers, which is essential for scaling your business.

Work with Proven Social Media Marketers

Doing social media right is extremely time consuming. It requires creating content, posting at the right time with the right voice, replying promptly to incoming messages, and proactively networking to grow your audience. We can take that on for you.

We’ll Handle the Day-to-Day Work

  • Preparing your monthly content calendar
  • Posting on your channels and Amazon Posts 3x per week
  • Promptly responding to incoming messages on all social platforms
  • Proactively networking with other accounts to grow your followers and engagement
  • Monthly reporting on follower & engagement growth

Unparalleled Expertise in Social Media Marketing & Ecommerce

  • Facebook Blueprint Certified, testifying we are proficient in the skills, tools, advertising policies, and best practices required to buy ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger
  • Specialized in utilizing social media to drive impact in ecommerce, specifically the marketplaces
  • Experts at utilizing the Amazon Attribution Program to track Amazon sales driven by social media
  • Further grow your followings by pairing with social media advertising or influencer marketing

Social Media Management Pricing

Because it can take time to develop social strategy and build up your following, we require a minimum of a 3-month contract.


3-month Contract


6-month Contract


12-month Contract

Case Study


As a small business, Combat Wipes lacked time for managing Facebook and Instagram, so they hired Kaspien’s Social Media Team to grow their followers and cultivate an engaged community.

Our Strategy

1. Develop a Low-Cost Content Strategy

Authentically growing the community would require images sourced from the community. To that end, we partnered with influencers in the outdoor recreation space, starting with smaller, low-cost influencers and gradually adding in influencers with larger followings. This strategy generated high-quality, authentic images and videos for future use.

2. Identify What Content Resonates with Our Audience

We experimented with styles, media, and messaging to identify which most engaged our audience. For example, we discovered that the rock-climbing community resonates with posts about Combat Wipes being biodegradable and earth-friendly, making them perfect for climbing trips.

3. Expand our Reach

With our asset library and content strategy in place, we were ready to grow. We networked with other accounts in the industry to extend our reach and coordinated content trading and giveaways. We started sharing other accounts’ content (with proper attribution), as it fostered a broader community of outdoor enthusiasts, which really engaged our audience. It also reduced our content production needs.

Our Results

Since we began managing Combat Wipes’ Facebook and Instagram profiles in 2019, we’ve achieved our main objectives of growing followers and average engagement rates.

Our Marketing Results

Our Marketing Results

Our Marketing Results

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Partnership Requirements

Success on marketplaces requires a holistic approach, and we want our customers to succeed. As such, this service is not available as a standalone offering. It is available through our Agency, Retail, and Software partnerships only.