Targeted ads on social media are one of the most effective marketing methods for scaling your online business and boosting brand awareness. They’re also extremely complex, making them intimidating and time-consuming. Our certified social media experts can help.

Hire Our Experts To:

  • Create custom advertising campaigns based on your goals, such as brand awareness, conversions, product launches, or anything else
  • Curate targeted audiences to reach relevant shoppers
  • Continually monitor and refine campaign to maximize performance
  • Provide detailed monthly reporting
  • Create ad artwork to convey campaign message

Your Facebook Blueprint Certified Experts

Our Facebook Blueprint Certified team is extremely skilled at developing custom strategies, creating effective ad campaigns, and continually refining social media campaign strategy to maximize performance. The Facebook Blueprint Certificate testifies we are proficient in the skills, tools, advertising policies, and best practices required to buy ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

Our experts can manage your organic social as well. Learn about our social media management service.

Amazon + Paid Social = Magic

We specialize in utilizing social media advertising to direct traffic back to Amazon, which comes with a unique set of challenges that we’ve mastered through the following strategies:

Direct paid social ads to your Amazon Store

This enables us to utilize a trackable link created through the brand store to attribute sales from the paid ads. We can see insights such as which ad or ad set drove the most traffic or sales.

Track impact through Amazon Attribution

Through the Amazon Attribution Program, we can create attribution links for any page on Amazon, providing access to key metrics, such as clicks, add to carts, sales, and more.

Hire Our Amazon Marketing Experts

Partnership Requirements

Success on marketplaces requires a holistic approach, and we want our customers to succeed. As such, this service is not available as a standalone offering. It is available through our Agency, Retail, and Software partnerships only.