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Ensure your products are found and that shoppers have all the details they need to convert.

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Marketplace Listing Creation and Optimization

Your marketplace success hinges on your products’ discoverability. Our SEO experts craft original, compelling, and compliant content that inspires shoppers to purchase and improves your SERP position.

Our strategy starts with product and search term research, then we optimize listing titles, bullets, product descriptions, and back-end fields to improve product placement. Our listing optimizations can increase sales by up to 50%.

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A+ Content / Enhanced Content

A+ Content on Amazon and Enhanced Content on Walmart are sections on a listing where brands can share additional images, videos, and copy. Amazon claims that A+ Content improves conversion rate by up to 11%.

At etailz, we use this additional real estate on listings to educate shoppers about your product and brand by highlighting differentiating features, showcasing your product line, and promoting your brand’s story. This content is a great opportunity for all brands, especially for higher priced items, where consumers will need more convincing, or technical products that require a more detailed explanation.

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Amazon Brand Store Creation

An Amazon Brand Store is a customized landing page within the Amazon marketplace. Our SEO aficionados excel at building Brand Stores, creating an intuitive navigation structure and beautifully designed pages to create a positive customer experience.

Brand Stores also provide data insights, such as number of visitors, views, top performing pages, and attributed sales. We strategically use Brand Stores in coordination with other marketing efforts, with Brand Stores we build averaging 14K visitors and $51K in attributable sales in the first six months.

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Review Generation and Management

Shoppers are more willing to purchase products if they know they’ve already been vetted by others. That’s why review generation programs, like Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program, are incredibly useful tools for slow-moving or newly launched products. etailz can help determine the best review generation strategies for your brand, helping jumpstart your sales velocity and improve your SERP position. Amazon reports that reviews can increase sales up to 3.5x.

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