Price & Seller Enforcement 

Protect your customers and your brand from counterfeit products, unauthorized sellers, and price volatility across online marketplaces.

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Price & Seller Tracking

Track how your sellers are pricing your products across 6 marketplaces and 9 countries using Kaspien’s proprietary brand watch software, Perispect. Perispect helps brands enforce their MAP/MSRP by enabling you to view product price variance reports, identify sellers, track each seller’s pricing history down to the minute so you can see who triggered the race to zero, and streamline case management.

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Unauthorized Seller Removal
Unauthorized Seller Removal

Are your listings plagued by counterfeits and unauthorized sellers? Kaspien partners with VantageBP, a proven ecommerce monitoring and enforcement agency, to help brands protect their customers from fake products and regain control of their product listings. 

Kaspien’s partners receive a referral discount when working with VantageBP. VantageBP customizes their monthly fee based on your brand’s needs, and there are no contracts locking you in. After working with VantageBP for just 4 months, one of our partners saw a 62% increase in listing control!

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“All I can say is WOW! VantageBP has delivered dramatic and effective results since literally day one. We’ve seen our sales through Kaspien double and sell prices steadily increase since we engaged them in December.  These guys are really on their game!” – North Star Games

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