Performance Reporting for Sellers

Good business decisions rely on good data. We’ll provide comprehensive, easy-to-understand reports for marketing, sales, inventory, and overall competitiveness.

Translate Data into Insights

Amazon and other marketplaces provide a wealth of data available via APIs, but it’s raw and scattered across multiple different API report types, making it challenging and time-consuming for any brand to analyze their own data at scale. For that data to be meaningful, it needs to be transformed into actionable insights. Utilizing our software to automatically and regularly download numerous API report types (inventory, sales, finances, etc.), we can then create custom reports for your brand to generate clear, concise, and above all, actionable reports for you.

Types of Reporting We Provide

Sales Performance

Empower strategy with detailed sales reports. We’ll continually monitor sales performance, comparing to historic and category trends. From this reporting, we determine what’s working, what’s not, and what to do to ensure your sales continue to climb.

Channel Performance

Keep a pulse on your brand’s overall competitive positioning. We’ll identify and review your top category competitors, comparing reviews, pricing, product rank, market saturation, selling history, and differentiating features, then help you act on that data.

Marketing Performance

Receive detailed reports on for all marketing services, including Amazon advertising, listing optimizations, social media marketing, and influencer marketing. These reports include metrics and a summary written by your marketing manager with recommendations for how to maintain or improve performance.

Inventory Health

Optimizing cashflow and mitigating risks starts with inventory. We provide regular reports detailing how much inventory is on hand, reserved, and inbound. We also use our inventory and sales forecasting system to provide up to 12 months of demand planning.

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