New Product Launch

Looking to launch new products or an entirely new brand on e-commerce marketplaces? We’re here for you. We’ve helped launch thousands of products and brands on marketplaces successfully, from mom & pop businesses to billion-dollar brands.

Launch New Products & Brands on Marketplaces

Whether you’re expanding your product selection on an existing channel or launching on the marketplace for the first time, we can help. Our experts will collaboratively plan goals and strategy, then implement them on your behalf.

Our Proven Framework

Every brand’s launch plan is different, but we’ve developed a robust First-to-Market (FTM) program that provides the initial structure over three phases:

Competitive Analysis

We start with a competitive analysis, which includes price point comparison, target market analysis, brand awareness assessment, and expert knowledge on fulfillment, referral, shipping, marketplace compliance, and tax.

Listing Creation

Using the findings from our analysis and best practices, our marketing experts will create product listings that are optimized for both the marketplace’s search algorithm and end consumers, supporting visibility and conversions.

Product Launch

When launch day arrives, we’ll deploy sponsored ads, coupons, social media ads, influencers, and more to boost brand awareness and drive sales velocity. Moving forward, we’ll provide marketing, reporting, and strategic planning on an ongoing basis.

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