Marketplace Compliance

The best way to keep your listings and seller account live is to proactively ensure your listings meet Amazon’s and other marketplaces’ policies. Our marketplace compliance experts help you do just that.

Amazon is Cracking Down on Non-Compliant Listings

In response to increased scrutiny from regulatory bodies and the impending Shop Safe Act, Amazon has ramped up its efforts to identify and suppress non-compliant product listings on its marketplace. Amazon tracks a range of metrics to identify non-compliance, from IPI score, to Seller Performance Dash, to listings and stranded products. Failure to abide by the required metrics can result in suspension of your selling, shipping, or listing privileges.

Prevent Listing & Account Suspensions

Listing Evaluation Software

In addition to 12+ years of navigating Amazon compliance as a leading Amazon seller, we also leverage proprietary software to scan listing content for compliance and identify potential risks. We can combine our expertise and software to identify risks for your seller account and advise strategies to mitigate these risks.

Product Safety Testing

We also work with packaging, labeling, and testing partners to ensure products meet all legal and marketplace requirements in every market. We’ll help you navigate through complicated regulations, including state, federal, and marketplace, connecting you to trusted partners at preferred rates.

Already Impacted by Amazon?

If you’re currently experiencing suppressed listings or an account shutdown, please visit our Listing Reinstatement or Account Recovery pages.

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