AI-Driven Inventory Management

Efficient cashflow management and strategic planning relies on accurate inventory and sales forecasts. For each of our Retail and Agency partners we combine their API-collected report data, proprietary algorithms, and human expertise to ensure optimal inventory coverage.


Accurate Inventory Forecasts are Essential

Inventory issues can tie up your Amazon sales, harm short-term and long-term marketing performance, and erode profitability. As such, accurate forecasting and inventory management are critical for a successful Amazon business.

Leverage Our AI-Driven Inventory Management System

Powered by Data Insights

Our system processes over 1 billion data points daily through machine learning algorithms to power world-class enterprise resource planning. We can help with sourcing, fee mitigation, liquidation, opportunity identification, and more.

Dynamic Pricing Controls

We can automatically reprice products in accordance with your pricing policy, so you maintain a competitive edge. Product price is a key factor in winning the buy box, which directly impacts sales and marketing performance.

Product Prep Centers

If you’re unable to prep shipments for Amazon’s fulfillment centers, we can route inventory to our product prep warehouses so you enjoy a seamless shipping experience.

Learn about our FBA product prep service

Sell More with Our Sales Prediction Tools

Drawing on over a decade of e-commerce experience, we provide the expertise, strategy, services, and software needed to drive success as you define it. Our sales prediction and inventory management tools are available for our Retail and Agency partners.

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