eBay Promoted Listings

Promoted Listings are a type of marketing campaign available on eBay. Listings enrolled in such campaigns appear on the search results page twice, improving visibility and driving sales on the saturated marketplace.


Key Benefits of eBay Promoted Listings

Increased Product Visibility

Promoted Listings help your products stand out from the crowd of over 25 million sellers and 1.5 billion product listings on eBay. Any product featured as a Promoted Listing will also appear in the same search in its organic placement, meaning that your listing can appear on the same page twice! eBay states that Promoted Listings boost product visibility by up to 36%!

Low Advertising Costs

Promoted Listings are charged based on an ad rate, a percentage of the sale, which the advertiser sets. The higher the ad rate, the more likely eBay’s algorithm will promote the listing. Brands are charged only when a sale occurs through the Promoted Listing, rather than for every click, making Promoted Listings a low–risk advertising option for eBay sellers.

Sell More on eBay

Advertising on any e-commerce marketplace, including eBay, requires targeted, strategic approach to ensure your marketing is driving success. Our expert e-commerce marketers have over 12 years of experience running effective marketing campaigns on major marketplaces. When you work with us, you’ll enjoy a dedicated marketing representative who is there to help your products and brands succeed every step of the way.

Interested in running eBay Promoted Listings?

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Partnership Requirements

Success on marketplaces requires a holistic approach, and we want our customers to succeed. As such, this service is not available as a standalone offering. It is available through our Agency, Retail, and Software partnerships only.

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