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Amazon Stores are a customized digital storefront for your brand on the Amazon marketplace. These branded stores allow you to list your entire catalog in one location, providing an intuitive shopping experience for consumers and a fantastic asset for other marketing efforts.

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Benefits of Amazon Stores

Amazon Stores combine the look and feel of a branded website with the ease of shopping on Amazon. They’re a great tool for preserving brand integrity on the Amazon marketplace, and they pair particularly well with social media marketing efforts.

Amazon Store Customization

Amazon Stores are incredibly customizable. Users can use dozens of modules and templates to match their branding and create a custom navigation bar and sub-pages for a streamlined browsing experience. There are modules for product features, image or video placement, text boxes, Amazon generated features, and more.

Brand Store Metrics

Brand Stores also provide data insights gathered in a 14-day attribution window, such as number of visitors, views, top performing pages, and attributed sales. Amazon Stores we build, when combined with other marketing efforts, average 14K visitors and $51K in attributable sales in the first six months.

Requirements for Amazon Stores

Similar to A+ pages, Amazon Stores require Brand Registry or having an Amazon advertising account. Also like A+ pages, Amazon Stores are a highly visual marketing tool. The most effective stores have exciting images and informational videos that create a well-branded experience for consumers.

If your brand does not have enough images or graphics, we’ll connect you with our Creative Services team for a photography quote.

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Pair Stores with Other Services

While Amazon Stores offer a great experience once shoppers reach them, they can be hard for consumers to find organically. That’s why we recommend pairing Amazon Stores with other marketing efforts that drive additional shoppers to your storefront.

Sponsored Brand Ads

Sponsored Brand Ads appear as banners at the top of the search results page. These ads feature three products and your brand name. We’ve seen great success in directing these ads to Amazon Stores, allowing interested shoppers to browse your entire selection.

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Work with Leading Amazon Marketing Experts

Our search engine experts have extensive experience optimizing content for the Amazon system. Every day, our SEO gurus work on our partners’ Amazon channels, discovering new rules and trends before Amazon formally announces them. As a result, our partners are always a step ahead. We know how to effectively communicate with Amazon Seller Support to expedite progress, so we can resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

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