Amazon Listing Reinstatement

Is your Amazon listing suspended or blocked? We can help you appeal and reinstate it. Our marketplace compliance experts have reinstated over 5,000 ASINS in the last three years, and we can do the same for yours.

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Reinstate Your Amazon Listings

Identifying the Cause

We combine years of experience, deep policy knowledge, proprietary software, and proven strategies to quickly identify why Amazon removed an ASIN so we can gather the necessary evidence to appeal the block.

Implement a Solution

Once the cause of the suspended listing is identified, we’ll work with you to fix any issues or provide evidence that Amazon’s block was unfounded. If the normal channels are ineffective, we can escalate your case with Amazon (one of the many benefits of working with an Amazon seller of our size).

Prevent Future Blocks

With your ASIN restored, we can also advise how to ensure your current and future listings remain compliant with Amazon’s policies to prevent future suspension.

Why Does Amazon Suppress Listings?

Amazon uses algorithms to suppress listings for a wide variety of reasons, including missing content, restricted products, review violations, product condition violation, listing violations (including wrong category, ASIN variation, etc.), product safety complaints, intellectual property rights violations, and suspected intellectual property rights violations, to name just a few.

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Benefit from Our Experience

When a marketplace suspends one of your listings, you lose sales and traction, making it vital that you reinstate your listing as quickly as possible. We’ve been selling online since 2008. Ever since, we’ve been learning how to navigate Amazon’s evolving policies to ensure that our partners’ listings (and sales) are positioned for success.

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