Amazon Listing Optimization

Optimized listing content is the foundation when selling on Amazon or any other marketplace. Our Amazon SEO experts excel at listing optimizations, improving your products’ search result placements and conversion rates.

Our Proven Listing Optimization Strategy

If you send traffic to product listings that lack compelling visuals or copy, shoppers won’t convert. Our content strategists write copy that’s optimized for both the Amazon search algorithm and consumers, resulting in high product placement and strong conversion rates.

Our team will also ensure you’re utilizing the media gallery to its full potential. If we feel additional visual assets are needed, we’ll connect you with our Creative Services team for a photography quote.

Additional Amazon SEO Opportunities

We’ll evaluate each listing’s opportunity and collaborate to develop a content strategy tailored to your brand’s goals. In addition to standard listing optimizations, we would consider a handful of other services for your brand.


A+ Content

For brands with Brand Registry, A+ Content is a useful marketing tool for improving conversions. A+ pages feature additional images and formatted content, encouraging conversions.

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Amazon Store

Amazon Brand Stores are a branded landing page within the Amazon marketplace. They are especially useful when paired with social media marketing, influencer marketing, or even Sponsored Brand Ads.

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Backend Search Terms

While the frontend of a listing is incredibly important, we also need to make sure the backend is optimized for the search engine. Our SEO experts will input target keywords in the backend search term fields to further improve product placement.

Video Uploads

If your brand is enrolled in Brand Registry, you can upload videos into your listing’s media gallery. Like images, videos help demonstrate product use, appearance, and benefits, all of which improve conversion rates.

Duplicate Listings

Encountering multiple listings for the same product is a confusing and frustrating experience. To prevent that, we’ll work to remove duplicate listings so traffic goes to one place, which also builds relevancy quicker.

Brand Name Consistency

Inconsistent brand name representation can cause customer confusion and make you vulnerable to copycat products. Our team will audit your channel for inconsistencies and work to correct them.


Provide a streamlined and intuitive user experience by grouping like items as variation listings. Variations display your entire selection for consumers. Oftentimes, we see reviews aggregate together, making them more attractive to shoppers.


Work with Leading Amazon Marketing Experts

Our search engine experts have extensive experience optimizing content for the Amazon system. Every day, our SEO gurus work on our partners’ Amazon channels, discovering new rules and trends before Amazon formally announces them. As a result, our partners are always a step ahead. We know how to effectively communicate with Amazon Seller Support to expedite progress, so we can resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

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