Amazon Demand Side Platform

Amazon DSP (Demand Side Platform) allows advertisers to programmatically buy ads that display on and off Amazon. Amazon DSP allows you to reach targeted shoppers with display, video, or audio ads across a variety of Amazon-owned properties.

Key Benefits of Amazon DSP

Harness Amazon’s Data

Amazon DSP allows brands to use Amazon’s first-party data to target shoppers across multiple stages of the shopping funnel , supporting shopper re-engagement and new customer acquisition. Advertisers can target shoppers by product category, indicated interest, and page views. The ability to reach shoppers at multiple touch points creates a strong brand experience that boosts consumer confidence.

Reach Shoppers Beyond Amazon

Amazon DSP ads can appear on Amazon.com, Amazon devices and applications such as Fire TV or tablet, Amazon-owned sites like IMDB.com, or affiliate websites and apps in Amazon’s network. Brands can use Amazon DSP whether they sell products on Amazon or not.

Leverage our Amazon Expertise

With over 12 years of Amazon experience and strong partnership with the Amazon Advertising team, our experts can seamlessly integrate Amazon DSP into your overall brand strategy . We’ll amplify  your brand awareness  grow sales, and ensure your investment delivers meaningful results.

While running marketing through Amazon DSP, we strongly recommend using Amazon advertising. The combination of the two will improve your return on investment by ensuring that once shoppers land on Amazon, they can easily find your products and brand.

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