Amazon Coupons & Deals

As the highest trafficked online marketplace, Amazon is a fantastic place to promote your products. The Today’s Deal page is the second most-visited page on Amazon, and Amazon Coupons call more attention to your products in the search results and make them appear on Amazon’s Coupons page.


Today’s Deals

Amazon allows sellers to run three types of deals: Deal of the Day, Lightning Deals, and 7-day Deals. Each of these are short-term promotions that can be used to accelerate sales velocity.  These promotions can be especially effective during major holiday events, Prime Day, and your peak seasons.


avg. increase in sales


avg. increase in listing traffic


avg. increase in orders

Key Considerations for Amazon Deals

While deals can deliver fantastic results, brands should be aware that Amazon will determine the deal price, the minimum inventory order quantity, the duration of the deal, and deal fees. As such, deals tend to work best for products with a

Amazon Coupons

Amazon coupons can be a powerful part of your promotional strategy on Amazon. They grant instant exposure to new customers shopping on the Amazon Coupons page, which increases sales and provides residual traction even after the coupon has concluded.

Capture Shoppers’ Attention

Coupons display on the Coupons page, search results page, and within the product listing. Products offering coupons feature eye-catching flairs that draw shoppers’ attention, helping increase traffic and sales. Coupons are especially useful for generating traction for new are a powerful marketing tool year-round.

Case Study: Deal of the Day


Deals of the Day can be a powerful driver for immediate and lasting sales growth, especially when deployed strategically. The surge in sales from a deal can improve product rank, resulting in greater visibility and sales in the following weeks. This effect is further compounded when run for seasonal products before or during their peak season. Brands with distinct sales seasons should strongly consider incorporating Deals of the Day into their Amazon marketing strategy.


A kids’ toy company with higher price-point items set ambitious sales goals for their peak season on Amazon. We advised running a Deal of the Day, which required the brand to allocate at least $300,000 worth of inventory, making it no small investment.

Our Strategy

We were confident that starting the brand’s peak season with a deal would deliver the results they wanted by improving product rank and visibility going into the season. The Deal of the Day offered a 30% discount for 8 ASINs over a 4-hour period. We paired the promotion with an aggressive sponsored ads and DSP strategy to maximize product visibility while the deal ran.

Amazon Deal of the Day

Our Results


rank in toys,
up from #1,100


increase in units sold from previous day


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units sold


higher trend
in units sold week after

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