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Our 2020 Amazon Advertising Results


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Our Amazon marketing pros have a proven track record of growing sales while reducing cost-per-acquisition, maximizing your return on investment. We were recognized by Business Insider as a leading Amazon advertising provider in 2020.

After aligning on your goals, we’ll integrate your Amazon account into our campaign management software, backfill historical data, and optimize your campaign architecture, enabling better analytics to guide future optimizations

We’ll support your goals through end-to-end management for Sponsored Product, Sponsored Brand, and Sponsored Display ads. We’ll regularly review and refine optimizations, providing periodic reports and strategic planning.

Guided by Human Touch

A tool is only as good as the person using it. We’ve been leveraging Amazon advertising since its inception, and our strategies are backed by years of testing. When we work for you, we bring all our knowledge, expertise, and tools to bear on behalf of your brand.

Campaign Management for Every Ad Type

Sponsored Product Ads

Leverage the highest converting ad type to maximize visibility, capture attention and win new customers.

Sponsored Brand Ads

Deploy customizable Display and Video ads to foster brand loyalty with repeat buyers and promote multiple product lines.

Sponsored Display Ads

Reach highly relevant shoppers on and off Amazon with these targeted ads, growing awareness and capturing market share.

Case Study



JumpOff Jo launched their family lifestyle brand exclusively on Amazon in 2018 with Kaspien as their sole Amazon seller. They had a small product line and no assets. We needed to create a comprehensive strategy that would rapidly and sustainably grow their brand.


Shoppers didn’t know JumpOff Jo, so our first goal was to establish credibility. We created brand accounts on social media to engage consumers organically, launched social media ads directing consumers to Amazon, and partnered with influencers to engage tight-knit parenting communities.


At the same time, we launched the brand on Amazon. Our SEO experts conducted keyword research and built the listings from the ground up, using original photography and graphics created by our Creative Services team. To drive sales, we launched Amazon coupons and sponsored ads, using our Amazon PPC software to maximize performance.


The work didn’t stop after a successful launch. We created A+ Content pages for dozens of listings, built an Amazon Store, nurtured an ever-growing social media following, expanded their brand to Walmart’s and Target’s online marketplaces, and more.


By the end of 2018, JumpOff Jo was reaching 30K monthly brand name searches on Amazon, had hundreds of followers, and added multiple product lines.

Brand Growth

  • $1M+ in lifetime sales 
  • 60+ product lines launched 
  • 9K+ product reviews 
  • 2 marketplaces added

Social Media Marketing

  • 1.5MM+ impressions
  • 13K clicks to Amazon
  • 100+ influencer networked
  • 2K+ followers
Amazon Advertising Performance Graph

AMazon Marketing Results


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