Amazon A+ Content Improves Conversions

After optimizing standard listing content, you may look for other ways to improve your Amazon channel. Implementing A+ Content is an excellent next step, as Amazon claims it can improve conversion rates by up to 5%.
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What is Amazon A+ Content?

A+ Content, previously known as Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), provides Brand Registered sellers and vendors an opportunity to share more product information through stylized content and additional images. A+ Content is the cherry-on-top for optimized listings and gives an edge over competitors.

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One of the most obvious and important benefits of A+ Content is better branding. You can fill this section with exciting, branded graphics and share your brand’s story, differentiating you from competitors to build trust and interest with online shoppers.

Another key benefit is improving discoverability. In A+ Content, you can add bulleted lists, put emphasis on headlines and body content with bold and italics, and include backend SEO content on all images that is indexed by traditional search engines. Combined, these factors improve consumer confidence and make your product more discoverable on search engines outside of Amazon, including Google.


To be eligible for A+ Content, brands must either be Brand Registered or have a Vendor Central account. Brands will also need high quality images and graphics. A+ Detail Pages are an aesthetic-heavy feature, meaning they thrive on exciting visuals. If your brand does not have enough images or graphics, we’ll connect you with our Creative Services team for a photography quote or our Inbound Marketing team, who can generate fresh content through influencer marketing. If neither of these are an option, our team can fill out your A+ Content with stock photos. Learn more about photography services or influencer marketing.
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Work with our Marketing Experts

With hundreds of stellar A+ Content pages under our belt, we can create your dream page. The first step is determining which images and graphics you want to showcase in this enhanced content. Then, we select modules for your A+ Content based off provided images, adjusting them to fit necessary aspect ratios. Once the images are finalized, we will write inspiring copy, reviewing and collaborating with you until it’s perfect.

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